Space Solar Power

The following links are to various sites that discuss the alternative of space solar power (SSP) or solar power satellites (SPS). The concept is to collect solar energy in space and beam it to points on Earth and perhaps to other receivers in space.

  1. Remote Link - HTML Space Solar Power  National Space Society.
  2. Remote Link - HTML The Moon as a Solar Power Satellite  Space Future Journal.
  3. Remote Link - HTML Lunar Solar Power Organization to promote it.
  4. Remote Link - HTML Solar Power Satellite  Wikipedia.
  5. Remote Link - HTML Space Studies Institute  Organization that promotes the Gerard K. O'Neill concept.
  6. Remote Link - HTML Space-Based Solar Power  Blog sponsored by Space Frontier Foundation.
  7. Remote Link - HTML Solar Power Satellites: An Idea Whose Time Has Come, by Seth Potter  Research Scientist, New York University.
  8. Remote Link - HTML Reinventing the Solar Power Satellite, by Geoffrey A. Landis  National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  9. Remote Link - HTML Japan Plans To Launch Solar Power Station In Space By 2040, by Takahiro Fukada  Space Daily.
  10. Remote Link - HTML What is SPS?  Kyoto University Space Group.
  11. Remote Link - HTML Space Based Solar Power Lights Up Japan's Energy Future, by Steve Levenstein, February 12th, 2008  Report on program of JAXA, Japan's space agency.
  12. Remote Link - HTML A Fresh Look at Space Solar Power: New Architectures, Concepts, and Technologies, by John C. Mankins  Space Future Journal.
  13. Remote Link - HTML Conceptual Study of A Solar Power Satellite, SPS 2000, by Makoto Nagatomo, Susumu Sasaki, Yoshihiro Naruo  Space Future Journal.
  14. Remote Link - HTML URSI White Paper on Solar Power Satellite (SPS) Systems, URSI (International Union of Radio Science).
  15. Remote Link - HTML Analyzing Microwave Power Transmission & Solar Power Satellite Systems, by Aruvian Research, April 2008  Report from Research and Markets journal.
  16. Remote Link - HTML Solar Power Satellite Report: "No Showstoppers", by Frederick Osborn, Jr.   L5 News, February 1981.
  17. Remote Link - HTML Japan May Beat US To Solar Power, by KD Martin, June 18, 2008  Live Science.
  18. Remote Link - HTML Space solar power: opposition and obstacles, by Taylor Dinerman, June 4, 2007  The Space Review.
  19. Remote Link - HTML Testimony of Ralph Nansen before House Science Committee Hearings on Solar Power Satellites, Statement of Ralph H. Nansen, President, Solar Space Industries, September 7, 2000.
  20. Remote Link - HTML Sun Power: The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis, by Ralph Nansen, 1995  National Space Society.

Solaren-PG&E Project

  1. Remote Link - HTML Solar Power From Space  GreenMuze.
  2. Remote Link - HTML PG&E Closes Space-Based Solar Power Purchase Deal  GoodCleanTech.
  3. Remote Link - HTML PG&E makes deal for space solar power  MSNBC.
  4. Remote Link - HTML Space Based Solar Power Satellite Program from PG&E and Solaren in California  CleanTechnica.
  5. Remote Link - HTML Space-Based Solar Power Coming to California in 2016

Supporting technologies

  1. Remote Link - HTML Space colonization  Wikipedia.
  2. Remote Link - HTML Space elevator  Wikipedia.
  3. Remote Link - HTML Liftport space elevator  Liftport Group.

Other alternatives and risks

  1. Remote Link - HTML Resource Depletion Problems, alternative solutions, and risks.
  2. Remote Link - HTML Nuclear proliferation  Wikipedia.
  3. Remote Link - HTML The Search for Proliferation-Resistant Nuclear Power, by Harold Feiveson  Federation of American Scientists report.
  4. Remote Link - HTML Nuclear Energy - No Solution to Climate Change  Greenpeace background paper.
  5. Remote Link - HTML Carbon Risk, Coal, and Higher Electricity Prices  Union of Concerned Scientists. Why coal-generated electricity will cost more than utilities claim.
  6. Remote Link - HTML Peak Oil  Gateway to topic.
  7. Remote Link - HTML Alternative Fuels: An Energy Technology Perspective , by Dolf Gielen & Fridtjof Unander   International Energy Agency.
  8. Remote Link - HTML Sun catchers tuned to crank out the juice, by R. Colin Johnson,  eeTimes. Only a solution during unclouded daylight hours, as we presently don't have a comparably efficient way to store that much energy. So, a supplement but not a full replacement.
  9. Remote Link - HTML Nocera Process, by Anne Trafton.   Direct hydrogen production from photovoltaics. Appears very promising.
  10. Remote Link - HTML Energy Victory, by Robert Zubrin.   Leading space engineer reviews our energy policy alternatives.
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