We use several special fonts on this site that you will need to download and install on your machine to view some of our pages the way they are intended to be seen. For Windows machines, this is just a matter of saving the files to the \fonts directory. On Macs and Linux machines, there is normally a tool for installing fonts you can use.

  1. Remote Link - 
	HTML International Phonetic Association Fonts — This is the source for fonts that serve both for ordinary text in the fonts of major languages, and also for phonetic representation of the sounds of words, enabling people of different backgrounds to get the pronounciation correct.
  2. Submenu Remote Link - HTML Gentium — Free from SIL International. This is the Unicode target font we plan to eventually use for most of our pages.
  3. Submenu American Academy of Religion (AAR) Fonts — Some of the best Hebrew, Greek and other fonts, for PCs and Macs. We use the SPTiberian (Hebrew), SPIonic (Polytonic Greek), and SPEdessa Syriac fonts.
  4. Submenu Fonts for Freaks — This is where we got the Old Gondor font we use in some of our pages. They have versions for Mac as well.
  5. Submenu Old English Fonts — This has the Junius Saxon font used in Blackstone's Commentaries.
  6. Submenu German True Type Fonts — This is where we got the Fraktur Germanic font used on our site.
  7. Submenu Titus Cyberbit Basic Unicode Greek — One of our favorites.
  8. Submenu Unicode Polytonic Greek for the Web — Solutions for editing and viewing polytonic (ancient) Greek on web pages.
  9. Submenu Greek font Athenian — This is one place to get an Athenian Greek font used by many scholars.
  10. Submenu Ancient/Modern Hebrew and Yiddish Typefaces — Many fonts for various versions of Hebrew.
  11. Submenu The IPA-SAM phonetic fonts — Used to represent the sounds of words in every language.
  12. Submenu Hebrew In Netscape — Plugins for Netscape on PC, Mac and Unix platforms to display Hebrew characters.
  13. Submenu Historical English Fonts — Links to sites with free fonts.
  14. Submenu SGreek & SHebrew — Shareware Greek font from Submenu Silver Mountain Software
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