Energy Currency

The following links are to various sites that discuss the alternative of energy currency, consisting of, or convertible, to units of energy. See also Digital Currency.

  1. Energy-Backed Currencies — Proposal to denominate international trade not in dollars or other national currency, but in energy units.
  2. Return to gold? — Argues against gold as a viable backing for currency in today's economy.
  3. Energy Backed Money vs. Gold Standard vs. Fiat Currency — Chapter 7 of Proposal to denominate currency in energy units.
  4. Banking on Energy, by Chris Cook, Former Director of the International Petroleum Exchange — The Oil Drum, discussion about energy alternatives.
  5. Is an "Energy-Linked" Currency in the Cards?, by Izabella Kaminska — Advisor Analyst, discussion about energy alternatives.
  6. Energy-Backed Currency, by Jeff Eisen, Ph.D. — The Evolutionary Advantages.
  7. Energy Currency — Article in Appropedia, a wiki devoted to "appropriate" technology.
  8. Energy Backed Money instead of Gold? — Discussion on the Daily Paul for Ron Paul supporters.
  9. The Perfect Currency — Proposal to use energy units for currency.
  10. Local currencies — Wikipedia article, with links to alternatives.
  11. Energy backed currency — Google search results.
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