Digital Currency

The following links are to various sites that discuss the alternative of digital currency, direct exchange of digital certificates which may be redeemed for things of value.

  1. Remote Link - HTML The Microelectronic Revolution, by Jon Roland, April, 1979 — Article in The Futurist, forecasting the Internet, the smart phone, nanotechnology, and digital currency that would eliminate banks. Article was republished in Eastern Airlines Magazine, and a Spanish version in a Mexican magazine.
  2. Bitcoin — P2P Digital Currency, but increase in value makes it better as an investment than as currency.
  3. Loom — Digitally encrypted commodity exchange system, warehouse certificates that can be used as currency.
  4. Litecoin — Like bitcoin, but easier to mine.
  5. Namecoin — Like bitcoin, but allows users to attach information to any given transaction.
  6. PPcoin — Like bitcoin, but uses an innovative proof-of-stake system to provide most of the network security instead of proof-of-work like Bitcoin.
  7. Terracoin — Like bitcoin, but only the "longest" blockchain gets used by the network, thus preventing any malicious nodes, making it even more secure.
  8. Devcoin — Like bitcoin, but seeks to spur jobs and innovation.
  9. Electronic money — Wikipedia article, with links to other alternatives.
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