Site Restoration Status

This page provides current reverse chronological status of restoration of the original site so that users may know how up to date and complete that it is compared to the original.

Date Notes
8/1/20 Site files were synchronized with the old site when it was shut down on 6/17/2020 minus viruses and active content. Only about 8 files are different out of 13,609 files. The directly structure is different and is now organized around the new menus.
6/17/20 Main site and replaced with improved and restored version. The old version had viruses that were failing the scan by Dreamhost, it had profanities that had to be filtered out, it had hundreds of expired links that no longer worked, and it was missing links to more recent developments in the freedom community since it had not been updated in many years. Family Guardian is now the webmaster of the original site at
5/3/18 Site creater located and contacted and out of the hospital. He gave his blessings to this mirror site.

Site restoration is mostly complete. Site statistics:

  1. Site established: 1996
  2. Original creator: Jon Roland
  3. Site recreated: February 2018
  4. Number of files: 11,025
  5. Size: 20.6 Gbytes

Estimated effort required to restore the site: 2 continuous man-weeks. Please bring any bad links you discover to the attention of the websiter by clicking here.

3/5/18 Received 330GB disk of content from Larry Becraft. This content was originally possessed by Jon Roland because Larry sent him a copy. Added all relevant content on this new new disk to the site.
3/4/18 Created date stamped backups of the restored site to prevent future loss again.
3/3/18 Added ZIP file image of entire site to channel.
3/2/18 Went through each page in the root folder of the site and added links to all the relevant and content that pertains to each subject area. Also added links in the menuing system to and
2/25/18 Downloaded entire content of, consisting of 271 posts, before the site goes down. These will be converted to static HTM files and reposted to the site as time permits.
2/23/18 Updated bad links and removed expired links from all HTM files from root folder.
2/21/18 Went through each HTM file in the root folder and located missing content by clicking on each active link. This resulted in 54 new files.
2/18/18 Replaced all htm files in the root folder of the site with the latest copy from This provided links to new content so that it could be located systematically.
2/16/18 Downloaded all content that was listed in the What's New Page that was added after February 2006 from a copy on dated 20170831. This amounted to 93 items and 46 new files and 20 missing PDF books..
2/16/18 Figured out a way to strip Ezoic advertising from site HTM files downloaded from Site uses Ezoic advertising and it adds hundreds of new tags to permit advertising injection. This pollutes the content of the site, doubles its size, and makes editing and improvement difficult. Solution was to use the Adobe Dreamweaver search function to strip out the bad tags, considerably clean out original HTM files, and reformat them.
2/14/18 Created new menuing system to replace Wordpress interface on old site.
2/13/18 Examined copies of site on The site was most complete as of 8/31/2017. After that, crawls and coverage went down.
2/12/18 Started with clone of site created with Teleport Pro. Site was about 10K files and 5GB in size. Date clone was created was February 2006. Offsite links contained an annoying javascript warning message that had to be stripped from all the HTM files.
Original URL: //
Maintained: Constitution Society
Original date: 2018 February 12