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Liberty Lyrics

Some of the best commentaries take the form of lyrics to music. Here are some of our favorites.

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  • HTML Version or Menu Text Version Amazing Grace, John Newton (1725-1807) — Haunting hymn of redemption and hope.
  • HTML Version or Menu Text Version The Concord Hymn, Ralph Waldo Emerson (1837) — Commemorating Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.
  • HTML Version or Menu Simple Gifts, Joseph Brackett (1848) — Paean to freedom.
  • HTML Version or Menu Ballad of Serenity (Firefly theme song), Joss Whedon (2002), performed by Sonny Rhodes — Defiance of tyranny.
  • HTML Version or Menu Alternative Greensleeves Lyrics, including "Home in the Meadow".
  • HTML Version or Menu Text Version The Minstrel Boy, Thomas Moore (1779-1852) — Lyrics to a beautiful song about a lost battle for freedom.
  • HTML Version or Menu Text Version Remote Link - HTML The Impossible Dream, from Man of La Mancha, lyrics by Joe Darion (1948) — To fight for the right....
  • HTML Version or Menu Come On, Brave Boys, Anonymous, New York, 1734.
  • HTML Version or Menu A Song of 1857, Written by Utah rebels.
  • HTML Version or Menu American Taxation, By Peter St. John.
  • HTML Version or Menu Chester, By William Billings.
  • HTML Version or Menu Cornwallis Country Dance, Anonymous.
  • HTML Version or Menu Free America, By Joseph Warren.
  • HTML Version or Menu God Save the Thirteen States, Anonymous.
  • HTML Version or Menu Hail Columbia, By F. Hopkinson.
  • HTML Version or Menu Jefferson and Liberty, Anonymous.
  • HTML Version or Menu John Brown's Body, Anonymous.
  • HTML Version or Menu Liberty Song, John Dickinson.
  • HTML Version or Menu Lincoln and Liberty, 1860 Campaign Song.
  • HTML Version or Menu Revolutionary Tea, Traditional.
  • HTML Version or Menu Rights of Woman, By "A Lady".
  • HTML Version or Menu The American Hero, By Andrew Law.
  • HTML Version or Menu The Underground Railcar, By George N. Allen.
  • HTML Version or Menu America The Beautiful, by Katharine Lee Bates
  • HTML Version or Menu AMERICA (My Country, 'Tis of Thee), by Samuel F. Smith
  • HTML Version or Menu Battle Hymn of the Republic, by Julia Ward Howe
  • HTML Version or Menu Because All Men Are Brothers, by Tom Glazer
  • HTML Version or Menu Erie Canal, by Thomas S. Allen
  • HTML Version or Menu God Bless America, by Irving Berlin
  • HTML Version or Menu God Bless the USA, by Lee Greenwood
  • HTML Version or Menu Home on The Range, poem by Dr. Brewster Higley, lyrics by Daniel E. Kelley
  • HTML Version or Menu I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free, by Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas
  • HTML Version or Menu Oh, Freedom, by Lucy Kinchen
  • HTML Version or Menu Semper Fidelis, modern lyrics by Don Farrar
  • HTML Version or Menu The Marine's Hymn, author unknown, no pre-20th century text is known
  • HTML Version or Menu The Star Spangled Banner, by Francis Scott Key - 1814
  • HTML Version or Menu The Stars and Stripes Forever, by John Philip Sousa - 1897
  • HTML Version or Menu When Johnny Comes Marching Home, by Patrick Gilmore, pseudonym 'Louis Lambert'
  • HTML Version or Menu Yankee Doodle, Anonymous - pre-Revolutionary War


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