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  1. Google — Powerful search service, but became unreliable in May, 2006.
  2. FreeFind — Supports subsite search, what's new, and sitemap functions for a site.
  3. PicoSearch — Supports local search only.
  4. Atomz — Supports local search only.
  5. Altavista Advanced — Can be used to limit search to a site, but URL must be entered manually.
  6. Yahoo! Advanced — Supports local search with entry of the domain name.
  7. Webcrawler Advanced — Supports local search with entry of the domain name.
  8. Advanced — Supports local search with entry of the domain name.
  9. Gigablast Advanced — Supports local search with entry of the domain name.
  10. MSN search — Provide forms to support local search but no obvious way to do it from their site.
  11. LookSeek — Does not support local search.
  12. Open Directory: Advanced — Does not support local search.
  13. Snap! — Another search engine organized by subject.
  14. Overture — Much publicized search engine, but advantages unclear.
  15. LookSmart — Charges to support local domain searches for more than 1000 pages.
  16. Findhow — The How-To Search Engine.
  17. HotBot — This one no longer supports local or subsite search.
  18. WhatUSeek — Another search engine, no longer with local search option. Clone of LookSmart.
  19. Excite — A once popular search engine.
  20. Lycos — And yet another once popular search engine.
  21. GoTo — Claim to cover more web sites.
  22. Raging Search — Many search methods, such as search within a domain or host, search for HTML tags and their contents, graphics files, and pages on other sites linked to a given site.
  23. DogPile — Launches several of the major search engines simultaneously.
  24. FAST Search — Claim they search 80% of the web sites.
  25. Find FAST — Claim they get results faster. Pick any one or several search engines to search simultaneously.
  26. Northern Light — No longer supports subsite searches.
  27. InfoSeek — Used to be good search engine, that used to support subsite search, but they seem to have faded.
  28. Copernic 99 — Free software you run on your computer to launch an agent to query the search engines.
  29. Turn it in — Find out whether a term paper has plagiarized material, or just find relevant material for your research. A favorite tool of teachers and students everywhere.

Also see our Local Seach Engines page.


  • WhoWhere — National directory of people and companies, including their email addresses, by name, city, state, company name, and type of business.
  • AnyWho — Can find phone numbers and addresses, or reverse search given the phone number.
  • Switchboard — Nationwide U.S. directory of residential and business phones and addresses.
  • BigBook — A searchable directory of phone numbers and addresses.
  • Four11 — Another popular telephone directory.
  • Piple — Collection of links to other search tools.
  • Internet 800 Directory — Find 800 numbers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Informus — Obtain all known public background information on anyone. Fee required. See what is on record about you.
  • USPS ZIP+4 Directory — Allows you to verify ZIP codes and save money on bulk mailings.
  • The List — National directory of Internet providers. Find the providers near you.
  • The ISP Guide — Directory of internet service providers, search by area code or by city.
  • Gale — Databases and directories, including Encyclopedia of Associations and the Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media. Fees required.
  • Starting Point — Internet directory service.
  • World Yellow Pages NETwork — Discontinued, but the explanation why is worth reading at this site.

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