State Bar Reform

  1. What are the state bars? — How and why did we get into our present situation.
  2. What are the problems with the state bars? — Why they are too often doing more harm than good.
  3. What are some remedies? — Some of the things we might do about them.
Legem legisperitus prudens cognoscit; judicem legisperitus prudentissimus.
A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge. — Old lawyer saying, with the notion that "knows the judge" is not just about being a crony of the judge, but about how to play him psychologically.


  • Sunset the Bar — The State Bar Act is subject to the Sunset Act and comes up for renewal in 2015. See Texas Government Code Sec. 81.003. We need to put pressure on the Texas Legislature by then not to renew it.
  • Remote Link - HTML State Bar of Texas Self Evaluation Report to the Sunset Advisory Commission, August 17, 2001 — Self-serving report from the object to be sunsetted.
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Jon Roland of the Constitution Society
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