California Amendment Initiatives

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The following initiative measures to amend the California Constitution were developed for the 2001 election or primary. Proponents are requested. Residents of other states might consider how these provisions might be adapted to their own state constitutions. For the convenience of proponents, we have provided zipped WordPerfect versions of the files.

  • HTML Version Text Version Zipped WordPerfect Version Word Version Civil Rights Amendments — To avoid abuses in the execution of warrants, eliminate civil forfeiture in excess of fines, replace the State Bar with a Legal Practice Commission, to forbid delegation of authority to foreign government officials, to require fully informed trial juries, and make grand juries more independent and open to the public.
  • HTML Version Zipped WordPerfect Version Cover letter for Legal Reform Amendments — Model for how to submit the initiative.

Further information on the subjects of the initiatives

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