Use this page to search our members directory to locate someone:
1. To join your study group.
2. To initiate or participate in activism events with other members.
3. To start a law study or activism group in your area.

This page does not give you a physical map or a distance to the people you locate.  

PRIVACY NOTICE: We don’t allow member names, email addresses, phone numbers, or street addresses to EVER be searched for any reason. This page is also ONLY accessible to Basic Members or Member Subscribers who unconditionally consent to our Member Agreement. It is not available to users without an account on the site or who are not logged in.  This page searches only member profile fields that you directly and personally control.  It does not search information you have provided during any bookstore checkout process.  To update your member profile fields, click on the right entry in the menu at the top (called the “hamburger menu”) and then select “profile”.

The data searched is found on the “Location Information” and “Volunteer Positions” tabs of your Member Profile.  If you want to make sure people can find you, make sure you fill in all the values on these tabs with accurate information.  Your privacy and anonymity is VERY important to us.

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