Tour 2

Departures from the way

The following documents explore where we are and how we got here.

  1. HTML Version Abuse of Judicial Discretion, Jon Roland.
  2. HTML Version or Menu Text Version How stare decisis Subverts the Law, Jon Roland.
  3. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Original Understanding of the Commerce Clause, Jon Roland.
  4. HTML Version Text Version Intent of the Fourteenth Amendment was to Protect All Rights, Jon Roland.
  5. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Zipped WordPerfect MS Word Version Public Safety or Bills of Attainder?, Jon Roland.
  6. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Remote Link - PDF Representation and Nondelegation: Back to Basics, by Marci A. Hamilton.
  7. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Remote Link - PDF How the Law Was Lost, Paul Craig Roberts.
  8. HTML Version or Menu Zipped WordPerfect The Metaphor of Standing and the Problem of Self-Governance, Steven L. Winter.
  9. HTML Version Text Version Votescam, James & Kenneth Collier.
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