Flight Systems

Flight management panels

Digital flight panels were developed for airliners and military aircraft, but now have evolved into custom-sustainable panels that can be used in a variety of aircraft, from recreational aircraft to space planes. The leading manufacturer is Garmin, who also make most GPS devices.
  1. Garmin — Now being offered as original equipment in many new aircraft.

Flying cars

Long the dream of science fiction, there are now several manufacturers who hope to offer production models by 2020. We have limited our selection to those that offer 300-mile ranges, 100 mph cruising speeds, and ready transition from level flight to and from VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing). As they evolve, their prototypes seem to be converging on a similar plan.

  1. Terrafugia — Made in U.S., one of the best funded. Seems to be close to being in production.
  2. Aeromobil — Originally developed in Slovakia. Now moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  3. Can’t Decide What Kind of Flying Car to Get? Try These 10

Unless you can afford a jet, this one is about the only way to go.
  1. Siai Marchetti — Originally developed as a trainer for small jets. No longer being newly built, but the used ones are well-maintained. The webmaster has done aerobatics in one, for one of the greatest experiences of his life.
Powered paragliders — Carry your aircraft on your back. Webmaster used to have one of these until it was stolen  in a burglary.

  1. Powered paragliders for sale.

— Can't ascend, but a great way to get down.

  1. Wingsuit flying


  1. Icon A5 — Newly developed recreational seaplane. May be good for someone who lives near a large smooth, body of water.
  2. Alternatives