Subject:  How Uncle Sam Stole My Daughters   

From:  Michael Williams  

Date:  28-Aug-95 03:01  






	Plaintiff			)	CASE NO. 94 24 83  





	Defendant			)  




I, Defendant Michael Williams, declare that I am the Defendant in the above- 

entitled proceeding and state that in an attempt to protect my rights, I am  

preparing this affidavit without the assistance of counsel.  


On 18. March 1988, while serving as president of Pioneer America Corporation  

and after having directed the Draft Hart Committee, whose goal was Senator  

Gary Hart's re-entry into the U.S. Presidential campaign, I was arrested in my  

home by the FBI, who seized all of y assets, rendering me destitute. They  

also seized items unrelated in any way to any pending charges, including  

sensitive correspondence with prominent politicians and confidential attorney- 

client correspondence. These unreasonable seizures were in violation of the  

4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and, as they had the effect of  

excessive fines, were in violation of the 8th Amendment. The fact that they  

occurred without benefit of Due Process of Law was also a violation of the 5th  

Amendment. The fact that the foremost motivation of these seizures was to  

prevent me from retaining competent counsel of my choice was a violation of  

the 6th Amendment. That the arrest was likely motivated by my politics was  

also a violation of the 1st Amendment.  


On 13. December 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that people are entitled to  

hearings before the government can seize their homes or other property. In  

June 1993, the court ruled such seizures are subject to the Constitution's 8th  

Amendment protection against excessive fines. Justice Kennedy wrote that the  

Constitution's due-process clause requires property owners get notification  

and a chance for a hearing before seizures.  


Due to my indigence, Judge Leinenweber appointed William J. Stevens to  

represent me. I was forced to remain in custody during the lengthy proceedings  

without a |standard bail hearing even though my attorney, Michael Monico, had  

entered into an agreement with Assistant U.S. Attorney Laurie Barsella, to  

surrender me if I were indicted. This violated my right to reasonable bail and  

subjected me to a lengthy maximum security prison term prior to any  

conviction, in violation of the 8th Amendment.  


As a result of the FBI's seizure, my pregnant wife and two-year-old  

daughter were forced to vacate our home during blizzard conditions, which  

threatened my wife and unborn baby's lives with maternal pneumonia. Since our  

friends had been intimidated by the FBI, my wife and daughter traveled to  

Georgia to stay with my mother-in-law. They soon were required to accept  

public assistance to survive. The distance from Chicago, where I was  

incarcerated, although I had never been there, cruelly prevented my family  

from regularly visiting me, and placed immense strain on our marriage.  


After nearly a year of incarceration, my attorney, William J. Stevens, falsely  

informed me my infant daughter was dying of spinal meningitis, and that I  

would only be allowed to visit her if I pleaded guilty. This false information  

resulted in my being coerced into entering a plea of guilty in Hon. George  

Marovich's court on or about 11. August 1989.  


After being sentenced to two years' incarceration and five years' consecutive  

probation, I was transferred to Marion Federal Prison Camp, in direct  

violation of B.O.P. policy requiring that inmates be placed in facilities  

nearest their homes. In Marion, I was subjected to a wide range of physical  

and psychological torture. Even though I was eligible for parole at the time  

of sentencing, I was never allowed to apply for it. Even Senator Timothy  

Wirth's writing to B.O.P. director, J. Michael Quinlan, did not help. Unlike  

most others, I was forbidden to go on furlows. In summer, when others were  

engaging in outdoor leisure activities, I was forced to wash dishes for long  

hours in a steaming hot kitchen area. I was even denied my right to spend the  

final portion of my sentence in a halfway house. I was told this treatment was  

due to my political beliefs.  


After my release from prison, I went to Rome, Georgia, to reunite with my  

family. Upon arrival there, U.S. Probation Officer Kenneth Harris forced me to  

"take the next bus out" to San Diego, California. The Soviet-style exile was  

responsible for the break-up of my family.  


I was eventually forced to seek permission from the Court to relocate to  

Switzerland due to constant harassment from the probation department. I  

relocated on or about 12. June 1991. Immediately after arriving, William J.  

Stevens relayed a message to me that if I were to return to the United States,  

I would be placing my "life and freedom in the greatest possible jeopardy".  


On 24. February 1992, four years after the seizure of my property, I suddenly  

received a letter from the Chicago FBI advising me I could pick up my  

Macintosh computer. This was the first time they had admitted to seizing  



On 2. March 1994, six years after the seizure, after Senator Dianne Feinstein  

had made some inquiries into my case, I suddenly received a Notice of Motion  

from Chicago U.S. Attorney, Carol Davilo, advising me that on 10. March 1994,  

a Motion to Authorize Sale of Coins and to Disburse Proceeds of Restitution  

would be heard. In an obvious attempt to secure a default judgment, the motion  

was sent to me via sea. I only received it by chance. I have been legally  

advised that this is improper service.  


After receiving the motion, I rushed to find an attorney to represent me,  

since William J. Stevens had refused to represent me for over two years. I was  

referred to Robert Clarke by his former colleague, John Lanahan. Mr. Clarke  

agreed to ask to be appointed as my attorney if I would send him an initial  

retainer. After receiving the retainer, he filed a response based on Rule  

41(e) and then abandoned me. I received nothing at all from him until after  

the motion was denied, apparently without any legal argument. He did not  

answer my letters or telegrams. Registered letters to him were returned  

unclaimed. Mr. Lanahan and others said they suspect he intentionally lost the  



The FBI seized a significant amount of property from me, although they are  

only presently admitting to some $30,000 in Canadian Maple Leaf one-ounce gold  



On 18. March 1988, several agents of the FBI burst into the residence of  

Erin R. Williams and arrested her father, Defendant Michael Williams. They  

immediately placed Defendant under arrest and handcuffed him in the presence  

of his then 2-year-old daughter.  


Yankee Justice  


Imagine this:  


You are at home sitting at your dining room table with your wife, who is six  

months pregnant, and your two-year-old baby daughter. Your baby daughter is  

sitting in her high chair, which you have pulled up very close to the table to  

make her feel a little more like part of the family. It is a cold winter night  

and your fireplace is roaring. You had a long day at the office and drove  

several hours through a blizzard in order to get home in time for dinner.  

You're all so glad to be together in your comfortable home.  


Suddenly, your front door bursts open. Several strangers, wearing business  

suits, who resemble stereotypical Chicago gangsters come rushing in towards  

you, aiming guns at you and your family. Your tiny daughter, whom you have  

gone to great lengths to shelter from any violent television programmes, and  

who has never even seen a picture of a gun before, becomes hysterical:  

screaming, crying, her little face turning bright red, tears streaming down  

her terrified face, which is smeared with her mashed peas.  


Some of these men grab your pregnant wife and baby daughter out of their  

chairs and drag them across the room. Some of them grab you and handcuff your  

hands behind your back as tight as possible, until you can feel your blood  

circulation being cut off. Then, they proceed to rough you up in front of your  

horrified wife and baby daughter.  


Several of these thugs begin to search your home, aimlessly throwing your  

precious belongings all over as they aggressively hunt for what you can only  

logically assume to be your valuables. You watch as they take the last  

existing photos of your cherished mother, who has been deceased since you were  

a child. Your wife sobs as they take her treasured teenage love letters sent  

to her from other boyfriends and begin to read them aloud in front of you.  


Finally, these violent mobsters identify themselves as being agents of the  

Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI . You ask them what's going on.  

They say you're under arrest. You ask for what. They refuse to answer. You ask  

them if they have a warrant for your arrest. They say they don't, and add that  

they don't need one, arrogantly pointing out that they can get one any time  

they like. They ask you to waive your rights, beginning with your right to  

silence. When you intelligently refuse to give up your precious rights, they  

become combative and bully you more in front of your family. So much for  

sheltering your innocent little daughter from violent television programmes.  


You are told that they are going to take away everything you have in the  

world: your house, your bank accounts, your business, your cars, your private  

correspondence, your family photos, everything. Then, they take you away, out  

into the dark night, into the blizzard you were so glad to come in from just a  

few moments earlier. Away from the most precious thing in the world to you:  

your family.  


You are eventually taken to a military air force base, where, with hands  

cuffed, legs shackled, and waist chained, you are forced at gun point to board  

an aircraft which is in such a state of disrepair that you wonder if it will  

really get off the ground.  


After the airplane crash-lands in a distant state, you are taken to a maximum- 

security prison, where your business suit is exchanged for a ragged prison  

jumpsuit. The guards happily divide up your fine clothes and jewelry amongst  

themselves. You are put into a tiny, filthy cell with a grisly, foul-smelling,  

garlic-chewing man, a Spanish-speaking murderer from Cuba who has been  

imprisoned for many years in your country. You spend every minute of the day  

defending your life and your manhood from this maniac. You know you can't take  

a chance on sleeping.  


For the next several weeks, you are transported on other equally unsafe planes  

to several other terrible, overcrowded prisons all around the country.  


Finally, you land at a military air force base near Chicago, and are driven to  

a high-rise prison in the middle of the city and taken to the twentieth floor.  

Most of the prisoners are Mafia hit men, Colombian cocaine kingpins, and big- 

time drug dealers. Murder, violence, perversion and disease is everywhere.  


Even though you have a serious back problem, for which you have been under  

doctor's care for many years, you are assigned a top bunk called a "rack,"  

which is really nothing more than a metal slab with a filthy two-inch plastic  

mat on it.  


You finally get the use of a telephone, and discover that your pregnant wife  

and child were thrown out of your home during the blizzard, causing them to  

contract pneumonia. The FBI took everything of value you and your wife had.  

Having nowhere to go and no money, they traveled all the way to Georgia to  

live with your mother-in-law. The FBI has visited everyone you know,  

terrorizing them and warning them not to assist you in any way, even  

suggesting that they change their telephone numbers to avoid your calls and  

refuse to answer any letters they receive from you. You try to find an  

attorney to represent you, but, without any money, none will accept your case.  

They're all too afraid to seek the return of your assets, even though they  

admit they were unlawfully seized.  


The FBI visits you and terrifies you, telling you that your pregnant wife  

will soon be arrested and your unborn child will be born in a prison and taken  

away from you. You will never see her. Your white daughter will soon be given  

to a black foster home. Her whereabouts will not be made known to you. You  

will spend the rest of your life in this terrible prison...unless you are  

willing to "cooperate" by telling everything they want to know about your  

friends. Some of the things they want to hear they already have written down.  

They just want you to say that you said them, even though you really didn't.  

You refuse, and confidently wait to be freed. But you aren't.  


Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. You are starving. Your thick  

brown hair quickly turns entirely gray, and most of it falls out. Wrinkles and  

lines emerge on your youthful face. You develop pneumonia and are refused  

medical care. You miss your wife and daughter. You worry about them  



Having no money, you are forced to accept the services of a court-appointed  

attorney who immediately begins trying to terrify you into pleading guilty to  

crimes you couldn't possibly have committed. He tells you nothing but lies and  

uses every trick in the book to try to break you down. Every day you see more  

and more of your fellow inmates receiving lengthy prison sentences for  

refusing to "cooperate," for refusing to plead guilty to crimes they often  

aren't guilty of. You begin to realize that your attorney is working against  

you, with the same people who brought you to this place. You realize that this  

man is your enemy; that his only job is to get you to plead guilty. You can  

never get justice with him. This causes you to sink into the greatest  



You grow weaker by the day. The food you are given is unfit for a pig: moldy,  

green "hashed brown potatoes" which resemble spinach; "hamburgers" with  

maggots crawling in them; coffee with cigarette butts in it. Your family's  

mail is withheld from you. You are told that no one is writing to you because  

they don't care about you, that you're completely forgotten, that your wife is  

sleeping with other men, that soon your wife and daughter will be taken away,  

as you were told when you were first taken  away. You have to fight for your  

life and manhood constantly, at all hours of the day and night. You dare not  

sleep deeply. You can only sleep lightly for a few minutes at a time. You  

cannot believe that you are in the United States of America. You feel like a  

foreigner in a Third World prison.  


Then, your second daughter is born. But you can't see her. The FBI won't  

let you visit her. Your attorney refuses to even ask the judge to release you  

on bail. Time passes. Nothing develops, except more depression and worsening  

health. As anyone would, you begin to feel forgotten, alienated, despondent.  

There seems to be no solution.  


Then, one day, your attorney comes to you to explain that your infant  

daughter, whom you have never even seen, is dying of spinal meningitis. She  

only has a few days to live. The FBI and U.S. Attorney have agreed to let  

you visit her on her dying bed. You'll be taken to court in a few minutes to  

get the judge's formal approval. You are torn to pieces. You can feel your  

heart bleeding with sorrow and grief.  


You are rushed to court. The judge asks your attorney why you are there. He  

answers: "To enter a plea, your honor." In other words, to plead guilty. You  

ask your attorney what is going on. He says that the FBI and U.S. Attorney  

told him at the last minute that they had changed their mind; that the only  

way they would permit you to visit your dying daughter was if you pleaded  

guilty. He tells you that he just spoke to your good California attorney  

friend on the telephone and that he wanted to relay the message to you that  

you should do as you're told and plead guilty; that if you refused, you'd  

spend the rest of your life in prison and feel guilty about not seeing your  

daughter before she died.  


You look around. The FBI agent, U.S. Attorney and your attorney are smiling  

at each other like the closest of friends who are about to receive something  

they've worked very hard together for.  It is obvious that you will never get  

any justice in this court. You simply cannot stand any more pressure. You are  

so worn down. You have no strength left. No energy. No hope. You're in the  

worst health. The prison doctors have told you you're dying. You could cry  

right there in the court room, but you have no tears left. You have cried  

until there are no more. You tremble. Your hands are shaking so much you have  

to hold them behind you.  


What would you do? If you think about that for a few minutes, I think your  

answer will be that you would see no choice but to plead guilty. Exactly as I  



But I wasn't guilty. And my newborn daughter wasn't dying. And I didn't get to  

visit her. In return for my "cooperation," I was transferred to the worst  

prison on earth: Marion. None of my assets, nor my innocent spouse's were ever  

returned. I was never even provided with a receipt indicating they had been  

seized. Not only was I refused early release on parole, I was even refused my  

right to apply for parole. I was also refused my right to serve the final  

portion of my sentence in a halfway house, my right to furloughs to visit my  

family, and my right to be transferred to the prison nearest my family.  


After my release, I was on five years' probation. Probation was used as an  

instrument to harass, intimidate, control and further punish me, with the  

intention of eventually returning me to prison for an even longer sentence on  

a technical violation.  


I was unlawfully exiled three thousand miles away from my family, whom I had  

dreamed of reuniting with. I was unlawfully forbidden to travel anywhere  

outside of  


San Diego County, even to visit my family. I was prevented from accepting  

gainful employment. Things got so bad that I was finally forced to move all  

the way to Switzerland in order to prevent losing my freedom again, or even my  



There is a term to describe what happened to me. It's used all over the world:  

"Yankee Justice". It refers to an evil, unfair system of injustice developed  

in the United States which allows the guilty to go free while the innocent  

suffer. How many men do you think would refuse to plead guilty if they were in  

the same position, under the same set of circumstances that I was? An attorney  

friend told me that any man with the slightest intelligence, love for his  

family, or survival instinct would have done the same thing that I did. What  

would you do? You should think about this, for someday you just might find  

yourself in the same position I was in. It can happen to anyone.  


On 23. January 1993, my aunt, who raised me after my mother died, suffered a  

massive, near-fatal stroke, which left her entire right side permanently  

paralyzed, and her speech abilities seriously impaired. When I called my  

court-appointed attorney to tell him I intended to visit her in the hospital,  

he warned me, as he had the day I arrived in Switzerland, that the FBI and  

U.S. Attorney's Office had relayed a message to me through him that for me to  

return to my home in the United States, even for a visit, would place my "life  

and freedom in the greatest possible jeopardy." Since then, I've written  

thousands of letters to politicians, organizations, and anyone else capable of  

helping me. They've all fallen on deaf ears.  


After my aunt suffered her stroke, my ex-wife called her up to try to extort  

six-thousand dollars from me, threatening to disappear and go "underground"  

with our two small daughters if I didn't pay the ransom. Even if I had wanted  

to pay it, I didn't have the money. She made good on her threat and  

disappeared with our children. After I located  


her, she changed her telephone number to a non-published number and began  

refusing my gifts and correspondence to my children. Unlike me, she has gone  

totally unpunished for her many crimes, and I haven't seen or spoken to my  

children in years. As with my other problems, no one in the United States is  

willing to help me.  


On 2. March 1994, six full years after the unlawful seizure of all of my  

earthly possessions, I received a letter here in Switzerland, where I remain  

in exile, from the U.S. Attorney's Office, indicating that in just eight days,  

on 10. March 1994, at 9:30 a.m., a motion would be heard in the same Chicago  

courtroom where I had already suffered so much injustice, in which the U.S.  

Attorney, (pressured by the FBI after Senator Dianne Feinstein made some  

inquiries into my case), would attempt to "legalize" the unlawful seizure of  

my property, by asking Judge Harry Leinenweber to essentially award it to the  

U.S. Attorney's Office. The letter was not sent registered or certified, as  

such important documents are supposed to be sent, but by surface mail, in an  

attempt to prevent me from receiving it in time to act. By chance, I received  

it at the last minute, but I had no attorney to represent me, even though the  

Constitution and the Criminal Justice Act demand that I be provided with one,  

since I have remained indigent after the unlawful seizure of my assets. With  

no attorney to represent me, yet another injustice was perpetrated on me.  


Accused of a brutal double homicide, with overwhelming evidence against him,  

including a lengthy history of spousal abuse and wife-beating, football legend  

O.J. Simpson is given the red-carpet treatment. Soon after his arrest, the  

same attorneys who refuse to assist me in any way, rushed to his aide.  

Represented by an army of the world's greatest legal minds, his court hearings  

appear on live international television. Everyone toils to make sure that none  

of his precious rights are violated. Every change in his facial expression  

results in a media rush to get out the latest "news".  


There were no prominent lawyers rushing to represent me as my pregnant wife  

and baby daughter climbed down the steep mountain we lived on during a  

blizzard. There were no television cameras in the courtroom when I was coerced  

into pleading guilty in a secret hearing by an attorney who was nothing more  

than a court puppet. And there is no one to help me now. I am not rich or  

famous. I cannot buy justice like Michael Jackson or O.J. Simpson. And  

everyone knows you must buy justice in today's America. It is a disgrace. And  

everyone in the world is learning this is "Yankee Justice."  



			Respectfully submitted,  




			Postfach 20  

			CH-3112 Allmendingen bei Bern  





 Action! Date:  28-Aug-95 03:18 MST From:  Michael Williams  

[100705,] Subj:  How the FBI Made Me a Pauper.  







		Plaintiff.		)	CASE NO. 94 24 83  





		Defendant		)  





I, Michael Williams, declare that I am the Defendant in the above-entitled  

proceeding. I am not an attorney, do not have the funds necessary to retain  

one, have not been appointed one despite my many persistent requests, and am  

thus being forced to prepare this Petition myself, without the assistance of  

counsel, even though I am not qualified to do so. I am preparing this Petition  

to the best of my ability with information obtained in a telephone  

conversation with the Pro Se Clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for  

the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, Illinois.  


I, Michael Williams, Pro Se Petitioner, do hereby move this Court for leave to  

file the above-entitled cause in forma pauperis; said motion is supported by  

the attached Affidavit of Financial Status.  


	Respectfully submitted,  






	Postfach 20  

	CH-3112 Allmendingen bei Bern  






MICHAEL WILLIAMS swears that on the 9th day of May, 1995, he placed a copy of 


APPELLANT in envelopes addressed to the following named individuals and caused 

the envelopes to be deposited in the Swiss mail depository located at the PTT 

Post Office in Allmendingen bei Bern, Switzerland on said date at or before 

the hour of 5:00 p.m.  


United States Court of Appeals		Carol A. Davilo  

ATTN: Paula Zapaniac				Assistant United States Attorney  

219 S. Dearborn, 27th Fl.			219 S. Dearborn, 20th Fl.  

Chicago, IL   60604				Chicago, IL   60604  


Mr. Thomas F. Strubbe				SA Richard Loyd  

Clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals		FBI - Room 905  

219 S. Dearborn, 20th Fl.			219 S. Dearborn  

Chicago, IL   60604				Chicago, IL   60604  


Juleann Hornyak					Mary Robinson  

Clerk of the Supreme Court			Administrator  

Supreme Court Building				A.R.D.C.  

Springfield, IL   62706				One Prudential Plaza  

							130 E. Randolph Drive  

							Chicago, IL   60601-6219  





	Respectfully submitted,  






	Postfach 20  

	CH-3112 Allmendingen bei Bern