Michael Williams

Michael Williams was a law-abiding businessman and singer-composer who got involved in politics, supporting Gary Hart in his presidential bid. Apparently, during the course of that involvement, he acquired information that certain powerful people didn't want to come out. Those people proceeded to get Michael railroaded on false criminal charges, and forced him into exile. His story is a classic case of abuse by the Criminal Elite of the legal system. Here are some documents on his case.

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  1. Diana, Queen of Hearts, a song by Michael Williams.
  2. Gary Hart, George Bush, and Michael Williams -- 06/20/96 -- An overview. Also has Conspiracy Nation Vol. 8 Num. 19.
  3. Court documents on Michael Williams case
  4. How Uncle Sam Stole My Daughters
  5. Motion to Dismiss, Aug. 28, 1995
  6. Brief, Aug. 28, 1995
  7. Message, Aug. 28, 1995
  8. Affidavit of Financial Status
  9. Marion: the gates of hell, a poem
  10. Introduction to a Patriot in Exile
  11. Letter to Jon E. Dougherty, Mar. 29, 1996
  12. Letter to Ralph, Mar. 29, 1996
  13. The Case of Sahir Chatterjee
  14. Letter to Jon Roland, Mar. 26. 1996
Michael Williams with George McGovern
Michael Williams with Sen. George McGovern