Subject:  Motion to Dismiss. 

 From:  Michael Williams 

 Date:  28-Aug-95 03:20 





UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,                       ) 


                        Plaintiff.              )       CASE NO. 94 24 83 


                v.                              )       JUDGE LEINENWEBER 

MICHAEL WILLIAMS,                               ) 


                        Defendant.              ) 




I, Defendant Michael Williams, declare that I am the Defendant in the above-

entitled proceeding and state that in an attempt to protect my rights, I am 

preparing this affidavit without the assistance of counsel. 


On 18. March 1988, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 

apparently led by Special Agent Richard C. Loyd, of the Chicago FBI office, 

forced their way into my residence at 27810 Pine Drive in Evergreen, Colorado, 

and placed me under arrest. 


At the time of the arrest, the agents immediately began to recklessly and 

indiscriminately seize assets and property legally belonging to me, members of 

my family, and Pioneer America Corporation. 


My demands to see a warrant for my arrest and a search warrant were ignored. 

Agent Loyd stated that they did not have warrants, did not need them, but 

could get them anytime they liked. 


My wife and my tenacious objections to the seizure, the haphazard manner in 

which it was being conducted, and the items which were being seized, 

irrespective of their ownership, protection under attorney-client privilege, 

political sensitivity, confidentiality or lack of value as evidence in any 

possible criminal case, were completely ignored. 


After my arrest, I was transported to the Denver County Jail. 


After my arrival at the Denver County Jail, my wife and I contacted the law 

firms of Michael Monico (in Chicago), Robert F. Bourne, (in San Diego, 

California), Senator Gary Hart, (in Denver), and John Dunsmoor (in Denver) to 

arrange representation. 


Attorney Michael Monico had advised me shortly before my arrest that he had 

entered into an agreement with Assistant U.S. Attorney Laurie Barsella that in 

the event I was to be indicted, and my arrest desired, he could surrender me 

voluntarily. When my wife and I contacted Mr. Monico to inform him that Ms. 

Barsella had violated her agreement and I was incarcerated, Mr. Monico refused 

to represent me further unless I paid an exorbitant fee in advance. Although 

Mr. Monico stated that the seizure of my property was unlawful, he stated that 

any attorney could file a simple motion and have the property immediately 



Attorney Robert F. Bourne, my long-time friend and counsel, contacted the U.S. 

Attorney's Office in Chicago after learning of my arrest. He advised me that 

arrangements were being made in Chicago to allow the proceedings against me to 

take place in Denver. He stated that he was awaiting a telephone call from the 

U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago. 


Senator Gary Hart was not available when I attempted to contact him via 

telephone, however, I spoke to his law partner several times. I was advised 

that Senator Hart had relayed a message that he would do everything in his 

power to assist me and to make sure that I was not removed from the state. 


Attorney John Dunsmoor visited me at the Denver County Jail and advised me he 

was a former Chicago FBI Special Agent. He stated that my arrest was a 

breach of trust of Assistant U.S. Attorney Laurie Barsella. After stating that 

he had contacted the Chicago FBI and the Chicago U.S. Attorney's Office, he 

agreed to accept my case for a minimal fee. He agreed with attorney Michael 

Monico that the seizure of my property was unlawful, and that the filing of a 

simple motion was all that was required to have the Court order the property 

immediately returned. 


My wife, staying at the residence of Karen Trujillo, an aide to my "Draft Hart 

Committee", began to try to raise the funds necessary to retain John Dunsmoor, 

and to await news from Robert F. Bourne and Senator Hart. 




On 24. March 1988, I appeared before U.S. Magistrate Hilbert Schauer in 

Denver. Since the FBI had seized all of my and my family's and 

corporation's assets and property, and terrorized my friends into not 

assisting me in any way, thus making it impossible for my wife to raise the 

necessary legal fees, I was forced to accept representation by Janine Yunker, 

an Assistant Federal Defender. 


Ms. Yunker lied to, deceived and grossly misled me as to my rights; her 

obvious sole intention being to assist the FBI into "legally" removing me 

from Colorado and transporting me to Chicago, Illinois. The fact that I had 

never been to Chicago in my life fell upon Ms. Yunker's deaf ears. 


Despite the fact that I was a prominent citizen, corporate president and 

political activist/advisor, with a close-knit family and many friends at the 

highest levels of society, Ms. Yunker's intentionally ineffective 

representation at the hearing on 24. March 1988, along with her lies, trickery 

and deceit, led to the Magistrate's agreeing to allow me to be removed from my 



After succeeding in assisting the FBI in "legally" removing me a great 

distance from my state and my family - including my wife, who was six months 

pregnant, and my 2-year-old daughter, Ms. Yunker told my wife, and several of 

my friends, including Selma Lock, a captain and delegate of the Colorado 

Democratic Party, that I would shortly arrive in Chicago and, after a prompt 

bail hearing there, would certainly be released on my own recognizance and 

allowed to return to Colorado to await trial if the charges were not 



While I remained in the Denver County Jail, I had several more discussions 

with attorney John Dunsmoor, who still stated that he was certain he could 

prevent me from being transported to Chicago, and that he would make the 

necessary arrangements as soon as he received his fee. 


While my wife continued in vain to attempt to raise the necessary legal fees, 

I was removed from the Denver County Jail and from my state. 


Upon being removed from his state, I was transported around the United States 

to various federal prisons, beginning with El Reno Federal Penitentiary in 

Oklahoma. Court-appointed attorney William J. Stevens later told me this was 

an effort to keep me "lost in the system" while the U.S. Attorney's Office 

decided what charges to indict me on, utilizing evidence seized from my home 

at the time of my arrest. 


I eventually arrived in Chicago, where I was incarcerated in the maximum-

security Metropolitan Correctional Center. I was never provided with a proper 

bail hearing, in direct violation of my constitutional rights, and was forced 

to remain in custody in this ghastly facility until on or about 1. April 1989. 


After the unlawful seizure of my assets and property, they were apparently 

unlawfully removed from my State of Colorado and transported to Chicago, 

Illinois and Washington, D.C. As the FBI had no right to seize the assets 

and property, to begin with, they certainly had no right to transport it out 

of the state and across several state lines. This constitutes the federal 

offense of Transportation of Stolen Property Across State Lines. 


I have never been provided with an inventory of the assets and property seized 

by the FBI at the time of his arrest, despite my continuous demands. 


I have never been provided with a proper hearing regarding the seizure of my 

assets and property, despite my continuous demands. 


The facts of this case, including the question of rightful jurisdiction, have 

never been properly litigated, despite my continuous demands. 


I have never been informed where my assets and property have been held for 

nearly eight years, despite my continuous demands. 


I have asserted since the day of my arrest that proper jurisdiction for any 

legal action against me is the District of Colorado, and have continuously 

demanded that legal proceedings take place there. 


From the moment William J. Stevens was appointed as my attorney, I demanded 

that Mr. Stevens move to transfer all legal proceedings from Chicago to the 

District of Colorado. Mr. Stevens, acting in collaboration with the FBI and 

U.S. Attorney's Office against me, refused to file such a motion, or any other 

motions Defendant demanded be filed, including the most standard motions. This 

was a major point of my formal complaint, filed against Mr. Stevens with the 

Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of 



I was transported far from my home in Colorado to Chicago to face alleged 

white collar crime charges because the FBI realized that the Chicago courts 

would turn a blind eye to the unlawful seizure of my property and mass 

violations of my rights, and because the FBI wanted to bring pressure on me 

to plead guilty by separating me from my family and constantly making such 

threats against me as the arrest of my wife if I did not "cooperate" and plead 

guilty. The unlawful seizure of property by police in the United States, and 

particularly in the Chicago area, has become so notorious and so common that 

international news media constantly report on it. One of numerous examples is 

The Freedom, Wealth & Privacy Report, which features a cover story in their 

March/April 1995 issue, entitled COPS AND ROBBERS! The Asset Forfeiture 

Racket. Page 4, Column 2, 1 reads: "Asset forfeiture is now an accepted part 

of U.S. policing methods. Advice is given on how to set up a special AFU 

(asset forfeiture unit) in the trade journal of the American police - "The FBI 

Law Enforcement Bulletin". This publication also praises the Chicago Police 

Department's AFU, setting it up as a model for other forces to copy." 


Everyone who has been involved on this case, or who has any reliable knowledge 

about it, is convinced that the FBI stole my assets and personal property. 

This includes everyone from attorney William J. Stevens to attorney Robert 

Clarke. I have been fighting to have my property returned to me for nearly 

eight years. All I have received are more violations of my rights. 



                                                Respectfully submitted, 





                                                MICHAEL WILLIAMS, in Pro Se 

                                                Postfach 20 

                                                CH-3112 Allmendingen bei Bern