Plaintiff.   )       CASE NO. 94 24 83


                v.                   )       JUDGE LEINENWEBER


 MICHAEL WILLIAMS,                   )


                        Defendant.   )


I, Michael Williams, declare that I am the Defendant in the above-entitled 

proceeding. I am not an attorney, do not have the funds necessary to retain 

one, have not been appointed one despite my many persistent requests, and am 

thus being forced to prepare this Financial Affidavit myself, without the 

assistance of counsel, even though I am not qualified to do so. I am preparing 

this Affidavit to the best of my ability with information obtained in a 

telephone conversation with the Pro Se Clerk for the United States Court of 

Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, Illinois, who insisted upon 

remaining anonymous. 

I am complying to the best of my ability with a request made in a document 

from the Court dated 18. May 1995 and received via surface mail on 13. July 

1995. This affidavit is not intended for frivolous or malicious reasons, but 

merely to assist litigant in securing his full Civil Rights and to secure 

redress of grievances. 


I am married.


My street address is: Falkenweg 15, CH-3110 Muensingen, Switzerland.

My mailing address is: Postfach 20, CH-3112 Allmendingen bei Bern, 



I am presently unemployed with the exception of occasional private 

language students, whose tutelage is independently administered for a 

token emolument.


        A.)     Real Property:

1.  I own no real property.

        B.)     Other Property:

1.  I own no other property of significant value, due to the  

F.B.I.'s  seizure of all of my property at the time of my  arrest 

on 18. March 1988 at my home in Evergreen,  Colorado.

        C.)     Cash on hand:

1.  I have approximately the following amount in cash:  $1,330.00 

(converted to approximate U.S. dollars from  Swiss francs)  

2.  I have no funds in chequing accounts.

        D.)     Obligations:

1.  The support of a wife.

2.  The support of three minor children, one of whom was recently 

born prematurely at the most dangerous stage of gestation, and who 

had to spend several weeks in an incubator in intensive care, and 

who is under constant doctor's care. Some money required for the 

support of this child has had to be sacrificed to pay for the 

expences of maintaining this case, since the Court has refused to 

assist indigent Defendant in any way. 

3.  Supplemental assistance to an elderly, severely physically 

handicapped aunt/legal guardian.

4.  Medical insurance for my family and I.

5.  Medical and dental expences not covered by insurance for my 

family and I.

6.  Personal medical and dental expences not covered by  insurance 

for health problems directly attributed to the  severe physical 

and psychological torture I was subjected to  during my lengthy 

incarceration under barbaric conditions.                         

7.  Monthly rent of a 2 1/2 room flat.

8.  Monthly utilities.

9.  Expences required to maintain my defence of this case, 


                a.)     Domestic and international postage.

                b.)     Stationery and other writing supplies.

                c.)     Domestic and international telephone expences.

                d.)     Computer operation and supplies.

10.  Public transportation expences.

11.  Clothing.

12.  Groceries.

     E.)     Sources of income other than those listed above:

I have no other sources of income than those listed above. I have 

never begun to recover from the F.B.I's wanton unlawful seizure of 

all of my assets and personal property and the two years of 

torture I suffered in federal prison which destroyed my physical 

health. I am dependent on doctor's care. Since moving to 

Switzerland, I have occasionally earned some pocket money as a 

part-time, usually self-employed language instructor, but never 

enough to support myself or my dependents. I am often unemployed, 

usually due to my state of ill health, and, as a formerly self-

employed foreigner, I am not entitled to any government-paid 

unemployment benefits, whatsoever. My wife, who, up unto now, has 

earned nearly all the money in our household, and has been forced 

to pay for nearly all our family's expences, has just lost her 

job, and is now unemployed, as well. My family will thus be forced 

to somehow exist on my wife's unemployment benefits. Our baby is 

forced to sleep on a used mattress on the floor of our bedroom. 

Not only are we financially unable to rent a larger apartment with 

a separate bedroom for the baby, we are financially unable to 

purchase a proper baby bed or new clothing, and must accept 

donated used clothing. 

Shortly after my arrival in Switzerland from the U.S. on or about 

12. June 1991, my court-appointed attorney, William J. Stevens, 

informed me in a telephone conversation that the U.S. Attorney's 

Office and F.B.I., with whom he is in obvious collaboration, had 

instructed him to relay the message to me, that if I were ever to 

return to my homeland, the United States, I would be placing my 

"life and freedom in the greatest possible jeopardy". This threat, 

often repeated by Mr. Stevens, has caused my family and I to live 

in fear for nearly five years, and has affected us in many 

negative ways, including financially. 

On or about 23. January 1993, I had a telephone conversation with 

my elderly aunt/legal guardian, Dorothy P. Hilgadiack, who resides 

in Indianapolis, Indiana. After my arrest, she had been terrorised 

by a menacing visit from the F.B.I., whom we both believe still 

unlawfully monitor her telephone calls and mail. She was very 

upset and crying, because she has not seen me, the man she raised 

as and considers her own son, for several years, as a direct 

result of the above-mentioned threat made against me. She was also 

upset because she has not seen my two elder children in several 

years, after my ex-wife, with the apparent assistance of the 

F.B.I. and U.S. Probation Department, unlawfully obtained a 

divorce and kidnapped our two small children. She was scheduled to 

have another cataract operation, but stated that she did not 

"need" her eyes, because she could not see anyone she loved. 

Almost immediately after our conversation she suffered a near-

fatal stroke. After nearly dying, she was sent home several weeks 

later, when it was determined nothing could be done for her. Her 

right side is now permanently paralyzed, and her speech abilities 

and memory seriously impaired. Due to the above-mentioned threat, 

my ill health and my poverty, all caused by the F.B.I., I am 

unable to visit my dying aunt. As the President of the United 

States, himself accused of far greater crimes than any I have been 

accused of, welcomes sinister foreign terrorists into the Oval 

Office, I, a native son, and a Champion of Democracy, am forbidden 

from paying a visit to my dying 78-year-old aunt, although I have 

only, in essence, as pointed out by Hon. George Marovich, been 

accused of presiding over a corporation which was behind in paying 

some computer paper bills. The only means of communication I have 

with her in the twilight of her life are expensive international 

telephone calls. She can hardly hold the telephone without 


Due to the continued violations of human rights against my family 

and I, on 15. May 1995, I filed a formal Human Rights complaint 

against the U.S. government with the United Nations Centre for 

Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. 

I reside in a meager 2 1/2 room flat which resembles a U.S. 

welfare housing project. My residence has no amenities which would 

be considered standard in the U.S. I do not have a dishwasher, air 

conditioner or even a clothes dryer. 

 I do not own any stocks or bonds. I have no interests in trusts. 

I receive no commission, royalties or residuals. 

Any and all assets possessed by my wife, a Swiss citizen, are her 

sole and separate property acquired prior to the time of our 


The Court should be aware that my present indigent status is the direct 

result of the F.B.I.'s unlawful seizure of my property, which is the 

reason for this appeal. The financial status I have set forth in this 

affidavit does not include the assets and personal property seized by 

the F.B.I. at the time of my arrest on 18. March 1988. I have not 

included this property in this affidavit, as I do not have possession of 

it and do not know where it is. I would like to make it clear to the 

Court that if this confiscated property is returned, it could constitute 

a significant increase in my net worth, considering the F.B.I. has only 

chosen to reveal a portion of their seizure in the U.S. Attorney's 

motion. If all of this property is returned, I would be in a position to 

retain private counsel of my choice, which I have desired since the time 

of my arrest on 18. March 1988, and I will pay for the private counsel 

of my choice. 

The foregoing is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge within the 

meaning of Title 28,  1915 (d).

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                MICHAEL WILLIAMS, in Pro Se

                                                Postfach 20

                                                CH-3112 Allmendingen bei Bern