Congressman George Hansen

This respected former congressman was persecuted for his reform efforts. This is our local collection of documents on his case.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Case of George Hansen published by The Winds, and taken from here.
    1. George Hansen, Diesel Therapy and Susan McDougal, published by The Winds.
    2. U.S. Gets Blood On Its Beak, another instance of this article from The Winds.
    3. Another instance, at GOA-Texas site
  3. The George Hansen Story, published by Wayne A. Coppin, taken from here.
  4. Truth Surfaces in Hansen Ordeal Dept. of Finance/Judge Lodge Linked to Hansen Nightmare, by Don Harkins and Edward Snook, from April, 1997, Idaho Observer, and also published here.
  5. Improper Imprisonment of U.S. Congressman, by, taken from here.
  6. The Internal Revenue Service, by Peter Sears (A.K.A Reverend Kinesis), taken from here. He is a computer gamester, and this is written for other gamesters (thus the odd references), but some good material.
  7. Blatant Government Corruption — Article in which George Hansen charges government with narcotics trafficking, originally published here and here.
  8. Investigation into Federal Murder and Cover-Up in death of prisoner Kenneth Trentadue, taken from here.
  9. Remembering George Hansen, taken from Rumor Mills News.

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To Harass Our People: The IRS and Government Abuse of Power, by George Hansen. Book setting forth his revelations of government corruption and abuse of power.

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