1789 TO 1836,

  1. HTML Version HTML Version Oath. -- On a Bill prescribing the Oath to support the Constitution. May 6, 1789.
  2. HTML Version HTML Version Duties. -- Bill laying Duties on Goods, &c. House of Representatives, May 15.
  3. HTML Version HTML Version Removal by the President. -- On the Bill for establishing an executive Department, to be denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs. House of Representatives, June 16, 1789.
  4. HTML Version HTML Version Amendments to the Constitution. House of Representatives, August 13, 1789.
  5. HTML Version HTML Version Domestic Debt. House of Representative, February 22, 1790.
  6. HTML Version HTML Version Slave Trade. -- On committing the Memorial of the Quakers on the Slave Trade. House of Representatives, March, 1790.
  7. HTML Version HTML Version On the Establishment of a National Bank. House of Representatives, February 2, 1791.
  8. HTML Version HTML Version Militia Bill. December 22, 1790.
  9. HTML Version HTML Version Bill to determine the Time when the Electors of President and Vice-President shall be chosen. House of Representatives, January 14, 1791.
  10. HTML Version HTML Version On the Post-Office Bill. -- On a Motion to authorize the President to choose the Mail Route. House of Representatives, December 6, 1791.
  11. HTML Version HTML Version Post-Offices and Post-Roads. House of Representatives, January 3, 1792.
  12. HTML Version HTML Version On the Cod Fishery Bill, granting Bounties. House of Representatives, February 3, 1792.
  13. HTML Version HTML Version On the Proposition introduced by Mr. Fitzsimons, that Provision should be made for the Reduction of the Public Debt. House of Representatives, November 20, 1792.
  14. HTML Version HTML Version On the Memorial of the Relief Committee of Baltimore, for the Relief of St. Domingo Refugees. House of Representatives, January 10, 1794.
  15. HTML Version HTML Version Commercial Restrictions. House of Representatives, January 31, 1794.
  16. HTML Version HTML Version Direct Taxes. May 6, 1794.
  17. HTML Version HTML Version The Bill for authorizing the President to lay, regulate, and revoke Embargoes. House of Representatives, May 29, 1794.
  18. HTML Version HTML Version On the Motion of Mr. Tazewell to strike out a complimentary Reply to the French Republic. Senate, January 6, 1796.
  19. HTML Version HTML Version Internal Improvement. House of Representatives, February 11, 1796.
  20. HTML Version HTML Version Treaty-Making Power. -- [Jay's Treaty.] House of Representatives, March 23, 1796.
  21. HTML Version HTML Version On the Bill for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia of the United States. House of Representatives, December, 1796.
  22. HTML Version HTML Version Appropriations of Money for fitting out Vessels of War. House of Representatives, February 25, 1797.
  23. HTML Version HTML Version Patronage. -- During the Discussion of the Foreign Intercourse Bill. House of Representatives, January 18, 1798.
  24. HTML Version HTML Version Retaliation for Aggressions. May 23, 1798.
  25. HTML Version HTML Version Alien and Sedition Laws. June, 1798.
  26. HTML Version HTML Version On the same Subject. -- 1799.
  27. HTML Version HTML Version Reduction of the Standing Army. House of Representatives, January 5, 1800.
  28. HTML Version HTML Version Amendment to the Constitution. -- Election of President of the United States. Senate, January 23, 1800.
  29. HTML Version HTML Version On an Act laying Duties on Licenses, &c. House of Representatives, December 31, 1800.
  30. HTML Version HTML Version Judiciary. -- On Mr. Breckenridge's Motion to repeal the Act passed for a new Organization of the Judiciary System. Senate, January 8, 1800.
  31. HTML Version HTML Version Louisiana Treaty. House of Representatives, October 25, 1803.
  32. HTML Version HTML Version District of Columbia. -- On the Report of the Committee of Elections, on the Case of John P. Van Ness. House of Representatives, January 17, 1803.
  33. HTML Version HTML Version On Mr. Bacon's Resolution to re-cede the District of Columbia. House of Representatives, February 9, 1803.
  34. HTML Version HTML Version Duelling. -- On a Resolution for rendering all Persons concerned in a Duel incapable of holding an office under the General Government of the United States. House of Representatives, December 31, 1803.
  35. HTML Version HTML Version On the Amendment to the Constitution. House of Representatives, December 9, 1804.
  36. HTML Version HTML Version On the Impeachment of Judge Chase. House of Representatives, February 21, 1805.
  37. HTML Version HTML Version Mr. Madison's Motion for Commercial Restrictions. House of Representatives, February 14, 1806.
  38. HTML Version HTML Version Contractors. March 23, 1806
  39. HTML Version HTML Version Public Lands. -- On the Resolution for investing a certain Portion of the Public Lands in Shares of the Chesapeake Canal. Senate, February 13, 1807.
  40. HTML Version HTML Version To suspend the Embargo. House of Representatives, April 19, 1808.
  41. HTML Version HTML Version Renewal of the Charter of the United States Bank. House of Representatives, April 13, 1810.