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Index of the Constitution

Preamble [We the People...]
Article I [Legislative Branch]
Section 1 [Legislative Power Vested]
Section 2 [House of Representatives]
Paragraph 1 [Composition of House; Term of Office; Qualifications of Electors]
Paragraph 2 [Qualifications of Members]
Paragraph 3 [Apportionment of Representatives; Direct Taxes]
Paragraph 4 [Vacancies]
Paragraph 5 [Officers]
Section 3 [Senate]
Paragraph 1 [Composition of Senate; Term of Office]
Paragraph 2 [Division of Seats; Vacancies]
Paragraph 3 [Qualifications of Members]
Paragraph 4 [Vice President as President of Senate]
Paragraph 5 [Officers]
Paragraph 6 [Power of Impeachment]
Paragraph 7 [Judgment of Impeachment]
Section 4 [Elections and Assembly]
Paragraph 1 [Regulation of Elections]
Paragraph 2 [Requirement of Assembly]
Section 5 [Rules of House and Senate]
Paragraph 1 [Members; Quorum; Compelled Attendance]
Paragraph 2 [Rules of Proceedings; Punishment]
Paragraph 3 [Congressional Journal]
Paragraph 4 [Adjournment Restricted]
Section 6 [Privileges and Restrictions of Members]
Paragraph 1 [Compensation and Privileges]
Paragraph 2 [Prohibition of Civil Office]
Section 7 [Passage of Bills]
Paragraph 1 [Bills of Revenue Originate in House]
Paragraph 2 [Presidential Veto of Bills; Override]
Paragraph 3 [Presidential Veto of Votes other than Adjournment; Override]
Section 8 [Enumerated Powers of Congress]
Paragraph 1 [Taxation]
Clause 1 [Power to Tax, pay Debts]
Subclause 1 [Taxes]
Subclause 2 [Debts]
Subclause 3 [Defense]
Subclause 4 [Welfare]
Clause 2 [Uniformity Required]
Paragraph 2 [Power to Incur Debt]
Paragraph 3 [Commerce]
Clause 1 [International]
Clause 2 [Interstate]
Clause 3 [Indian Tribes]
Paragraph 4 [Naturalization; Bankruptcy]
Paragraph 5 [Coinage; Weights and Measures]
Paragraph 6 [Punish Counterfeiting]
Paragraph 7 [Post Office]
Paragraph 8 [Copyright and Patent]
Paragraph 9 [Create Lower Federal Courts]
Paragraph 10 [Admiralty, Mercantile, and International Crimes]
Clause 1 [Punish Crimes at Sea]
Clause 2 [Punish Crimes against Law of Nations]
Paragraph 11 [Declaration of War; Privateering and Prize Law]
Paragraph 12 [Army]
Paragraph 13 [Navy]
Paragraph 14 [Regulation of Armed Services]
Paragraph 15 [Calling forth Militia]
Paragraph 16 [Militia]
Clause 1 [Organizing]
Clause 2 [Governing]
Clause 3 [Appointment of Officers]
Clause 4 [Training]
Paragraph 17 [Exclusive Federal Jurisdiction]
Clause 1 [District of Columbia]
Clause 2 [Territories Ceded by States]
Paragraph 18 [Legislation for Execution of Powers]
Section 9 [Limits on Legislative Power]
Paragraph 1 [No Prohibition of Slave Trade before 1808; Limited Taxability]
Paragraph 2 [Habeas Corpus Protected; Exceptions]
Paragraph 3 [No Condemnation of Rights of Innocent Associates; No Retroactive Laws]
Paragraph 4 [No Direct Taxes Not Proportioned to Population]
Paragraph 5 [No Duties on Exports from States]
Paragraph 6 [No Preferential Treatment of States]
Paragraph 7 [Finances]
Clause 1 [No Spending without Appropriation]
Clause 2 [Public Accountability]
Paragraph 8 [No US Nobility; Limit on Officials accepting foreign Favors]
Section 10 [Restrictions on State Powers]
Paragraph 1 [Prohibitions]
Clause 1 [No Treaty, Alliance with Foreign Nation]
Clause 2 [No Privateering]
Clause 3 [No Coinage]
Clause 4 [No Paper Money]
Clause 5 [No Legal Tender but Gold, Silver]
Clause 6 [No Penalizing Relatives]
Clause 7 [No Retroactive Laws]
Clause 8 [No Impairment of Contracts]
Clause 9 [No Titles of Nobility]
Paragraph 2 [Import, Export Taxes]
Clause 1 [Consent of Congress Required]
Clause 2 [Revenue Goes to US]
Clause 3 [Subject to Control by Congress]
Paragraph 3 [Consent of Congress Required]
Clause 1 [Tax on Tonnage]
Clause 2 [Keep Troops or Warships]
Clause 3 [Compacts with Other States]
Clause 4 [Compacts with Foreign Nations]
Clause 5 [Engage in War]
Article II [Executive Branch]
Section 1 [Presidential Procedure]
Paragraph 1 [Executive Power Vested in President; Term of Office for President and Vice President]
Paragraph 2 [Electoral College Created]
Paragraph 3 [Procedure for Election of President and Vice President]
Paragraph 4 [Congress Specifies Election Day]
Paragraph 5 [Qualifications of President]
Paragraph 6 [Procedure for Replacement of President]
Paragraph 7 [Compensation of President]
Paragraph 8 [Presidential Oath of Office]
Section 2 [Presidential Power]
Paragraph 1 [Commander in Chief; Pardons]
Paragraph 2 [Treaties and Appointments with Consent of Senate]
Paragraph 3 [Commissions to fill Vacancies]
Section 3 [State of the Union; Convention and Adjournment of Congress; Receive Ambassadors; Laws Faithfully Enacted; Commission Officers]
Section 4 [Impeachment]
Article III [Judicial Branch]
Section 1 [Judicial Power Vested; Term; Compensation]
Section 2 [Scope of Judicial Power]
Paragraph 1 [Jurisdiction]
Paragraph 2 [Original and Appellate Jurisdiction; Exceptions]
Paragraph 3 [Trial by Jury; Location]
Section 3 [Treason]
Paragraph 1 [Definition]
Paragraph 2 [Not Heritable]
Article IV [Several States]
Section 1 [Full Faith and Credit]
Section 2 [Citizens and Slaves]
Paragraph 1 [Privileges and Immunities]
Paragraph 2 [Extradition]
Paragraph 3 [Fugitive Slaves]
Section 3 [State and Federal Jurisdiction]
Paragraph 1 [Admission of States]
Paragraph 2 [Federal Jurisdiction of Territories]
Section 4 [Republican Form of Government; Military and Civil Protection]
Article V [Amendments]
Clause 1 [Amendment Process]
Clause 2 [No Prohibition of Slave Trade Before 1808; Limited Taxability; Direct Taxes Proportioned to Census]
Clause 3 [States not deprived of Suffrage in Senate]
Article VI [Legal Status of the Constitution]
Paragraph 1 [Obligations of Union Unimpaired]
Paragraph 2 [Supremacy of Constitution; and of Constitution, US Laws and Treaties over State Constitutions and Laws]
Paragraph 3 [Federal and State Oaths of Office; No Religious Test]
Article VII [Ratification]
Signers of the Constitution
Letter from the Convention
The Bill of Rights
Establishment of Religion
Exercise of Religion
Keep and Bear Arms
Search, Seizure and Arrest
Grand Jury
Double Jeopardy
Due Process
Speedy Trial
Public Trial
Impartial Jury
Trial Jurisdiction
Confront Witnesses
Compel Witnesses
Defense Counsel
Civil Jury Trial
Excessive Bail
Excessive Fines
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Retained Rights
Retained Powers
Compensation of Congress
Additional Amendments

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