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The following collections of legal decisions, briefs, articles, and treatises are gathered from various sources. Corrections and additions are welcome.

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  1. TAXES
    1. HTML Version or Menu Taxation Topic Page - Family Guardian Fellowship
    2. HTML Version or Menu Forms/Pubs Page, Section 1.11.3: Taxes - SEDM
    3. PDF Version Federal and State Tax Withholding Options for Private Employers, Form #09.001 -Family Guardian
    4. PDF Version The Great IRS Hoax, Form #11.302 -Family Guardian
    5. PDF Version The Galileo Paradigm, Form #11.303 -Adele Weiss
  2. MONEY
    1. HTML Version or Menu Money, Banking, and Credit Topic Page - Family Guardian Fellowship
    2. HTML Version or Menu Forms/Pubs Page, Section 1.11.5: Money - SEDM
    3. PDF Version The Money Scam, Form #05.041 -SEDM
    4. PDF Version Money and Civilization, Alexander del Mar, 1867. Early classic treatise.
    5. PDF Version History of Monetary Systems, Alexander del Mar, 1895. Early classic treatise.
    6. PDF Version History of Money in America, Alexander del Mar, 1899. Early classic treatise.
    7. PDF Version Natural Law of Money, William Brough, 1896. Early classic treatise.
    8. PDF Version Gold and Silver Coinage under the Constitution, U.S. Statutes, 1789-1896.
    9. PDF Version Legal Tender: A Study in English and American Monetary History, S.P. Breckinridge, 1903.
    10. PDF Version The First and Second Banks of the United States, John Thom Holdsworth, Davis Dewey, 1910.
    11. PDF Version State Banking Before the Civil War, Davis Dewey; The Safety Fund Banking System in New York: 1829-1866, Robert Paddock, 1910.

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