Texas Militia Correspondence Committee

6900 San Pedro #147-230
San Antonio, TX 78216

Fellow Patriot:

The past year has been an eventful one, but it is only the prelude to events to come. We are at the turning point in a historic course, and must make a choice. We call upon you to join with us and assemble on April 19 as a militia. Not just a rally of enthusiasts or protesters, or of some select group of leaders, but of such of the Militia as we can get to come, conscious of ourselves being the Militia, and met with the purpose to fulfill the intent of the Framers of the Constitution that the Militia should be kept organized and trained.

Let us pause for a moment to consider the significance of that. Local militias meet now, in private places, away from public attention. We will be meeting in the heart of a major metropolitan area, in full view of the world. We don't have to do anything. Merely meeting as the Militia, peacefully and openly, will send a message:

The American Revolution began with an attempt by the government to disarm the people. It could happen again.

During the past year we have explored the available bulwarks against tyranny. Some have bemoaned how the people, seduced by promises of security, seem unwilling to elect officials who will enforce the Constitution as it was intended to be enforced by its Framers. We have worked to elect better candidates. But now we find that even if they voted otherwise, the election is likely to be rigged to elect candidates chosen not by the people but by an oligarchy of powerful interests. We have vested hope in juries to refuse to render verdicts that enforce unconstitutional or misapplied laws, but have seen how juries can be controlled to suit the purposes of those in power. We look around us to try to find institutions we can trust, but everywhere we turn, we find that those institutions are controlled by people in key positions that are accountable not to the people or to their shareholders or to the law, but to a chain of command that leads to persons unknown.

All of our constitutional rights are threatened by a relentless subversion of that rule of law without which there can be no security, no justice, and finally, no peace. But in special peril the very week we propose to celebrate Militia Day is our right to keep and bear arms and our right to assemble peacefully as a Militia. Bills before Congress are scheduled then for a vote that would finally confront thousands, perhaps millions, of American citizens with being made outlaws by the stroke of a pen, confronted with the decision to either surrender our arms or resist against overwhelming force.

On April 19 of last year, more than 80 persons died in the kind of confrontation that may be faced by hundreds of thousands of patriot groups, mostly single families. Standing alone, with no one to come to their aid, to avenge them, or even in many cases to bear witness to their fate, they stand little chance.

Unless the Militia organizes. That is what the Powers That Be fear most. It's not crime, or public health. It's all about power. As long as we have the possibility of uniting and resisting them, they remain threatened, and they foresee events that will reveal them and shake the foundations of public order on which their control depends. They are preparing for those events, and so must we.

It is time for the Militia to awaken. To organize. To train. And in so doing, to make it unnecessary to have a confrontation. By our numbers and our discipline, by our invulnerability to control by any key people among us, and by the sympathy we will gain from people throughout the fabric of government, the military, law enforcement, and the media, we will position ourselves for a stalemate on the field of force. They will know that we cannot be divided or attacked a few at a time, and that in a general confrontation they could not prevail.

By thus establishing a balance of power, we win. For their power depends on growth. When they cannot gather more power to themselves, their power will falter and break up into factions that will no longer be able to act in concert against the people.

Therefore, it is important that every one of you attend. This letter is being sent to more than 500 persons. If each of you can bring 5 others, we can get the attention of the world. If you love your country and its Constitution, it is time for you to act.

We propose to you an oath or affirmation:

"I swear/affirm that I will preserve, protect, and defend the Earth, the Nation and its Constitution, the State and its Constitution, and the Community, against all enemies, foreign or domestic; and that I will make an independent determination of the constitutionality and applicability of all laws and official acts with which I may become involved, without being unduly influenced by any official or superior, and that I will obey or assist in the enforcement of those which are constitutional and applicable, and resist those that are not, regardless of personal consequences."

By dawn's early light have patriots ever met to defend their liberties. Now is the time. Do not fail, or in times to come you will regret that you were not there, when history was made.

Jon Roland

Member, Texas Militia Correspondence Committee

When you come bring information about yourself on a sheet of paper, or send it before you come to the above address. We need your name, address, phone, weapon of choice, skills, resources, and what you feel you can contribute.

There could be a last minute change of meeting site. Call the above phone number before you come. It will have an announcement of any changes. If we do there will be a sign or person at the site to redirect you.