Security and Privacy

  1. PGP: Pretty Good Privacy Public Key Cryptosystem Version 2.6.3i, at the Mantis Site and The International PGP Home Page.
  2. PGPfone and PGPmail — Secure Internet phone and email products from Phil Zimmerman's company. PGPfone is free.
  3. PGP V6.0 freeware — International site to get the latest version.
  4. SKIP — This is a way to use public-key encryption to secure Internet communications at the level of the IP packet, and thereby the entire communications stream, not just the contents of messages. It supports authentication that prevents IP spoofing and allows mobile users to access their ISPs from anywhere without having to have a fixed IP number.
  5. The Liberty Alliance Project — Advancing an alternative to a national ID system to avoid identity theft but preserve liberty.
  6. Privacy Pages — Much material on PGP, encrypted email, anonymous remailers, organizations, and other resources related to privacy.
  7. PGP and steganography tools archive
  8. OpenQubit Quantum Computing
  9. The Complete, Unofficial TEMPEST Information Page — Encrypting Internet communications is not enough when emanations from your computer can be read from a van down the street or a satellite in orbit to reveal your data before or after it is encrypted. This page deals with both how to pick up and read such emanations and how to guard yourself against them.
  10. Nomad Mobile Research Centre — Focus on improving computer security.
  11. Anonymous Surfing — By first visiting this site, and then accessing other sites or sending email from it, you can conceal your identity from the pages you visit or from the email recipients. You will be provided with a pseudonym, generated randomly, which, of course, will not work for return email. Presently won't let you post to newsgroups, but you can do that by emailing to an email2news host. Of course, this method won't conceal you from anyone who intercepts your email between you and the anonymizer site.
  12. Anonymity tips — Useful suggestions from Thomas C. Greene.
  13. Hushmail — Email anonymously.
  14. NetZero — Not as anonymous as Hushmail, but a good alternative, and provides time-limited Net access and web browsing without charge.
  15. Publius — Censorship Resistant Publishing System.
  16. Remailer List — Archive of other anonymizer sites.
  17. Mail2News — Send message with subject "help" for instructions on how to post email to newsgroups.
  18. McAfee — Offer virus-protection software, useful in protecting our computers from dirty tricksters.
  19. Kerio — Firewall for PCs that some report is less susceptible to glitches than ZoneAlarm.
  20. ZoneAlarm — Firewall protection of PCs from intrusion while connected to the Internet.
  21. Guardster — Offers a free anonymous proxy for surfing the web, as well as a premium service that includes encrypted email, instant messaging and USENET access.
  22. IDZap — You can surf the web anonymously via the IDZap gateway service. Optionally, you can decide to block cookies and Javascript. There is a premium service level available as well.
  23. The Cloak — Free anonymous web browsing service, with an encrypted connection. Users can configure the behavior of the anonymous proxy to for example delete cookies and Javascript automatically.
  24. Ad-aware — Removes spyware and adware from a user's PC. 'Spyware' is software that uses an internet connection in the background without the users knowledge or explicit permission. 'Adware' is software that uses an advertisement delivery system to cause pop up ads and advertisement overlays.
  25. Proxomitron — Web filter. Disables undesirable features of web pages, such as pop-up ads and banners.
  26. Gibson Research Corporation — Click on Shields UP! to test the vulnerability of your PC to intrusion.
  27. Lance Spitzner's Whitepapers & Publications — Help you Know Your Enemy.
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