Geography and Weather

  1. MapQuest — Street maps and driving directions for the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Multimap — Street maps for Britain, Europe, and some other regions of the world.
  3. MapBlast! — Street maps, directions, and more.
  4. — Maps of all kinds.
  5. USGS National Mapping Information — Can view USGS maps and aerial photos.
  6. Maps and References — Link collection from the University of Iowa Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research.
  7. MapInfo — Street maps and demographic data.
  8. MapsOnUs — Interactive street maps.
  9. Topozone — Free topographic maps online.
  10. Maptech — Topographic and nautical maps of the world.
  11. National Geographic — Have online maps of the world.
  12. Oddens' Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping
  13. EtakGuide — Street maps and navigation services, map servers, and GPS receivers with moving-map displays for portable computers.
  14. DeLorme — Street maps and GPS receivers with moving-map displays for portable computers.
  15. Excite Maps — From the search service.
  16. InfoSpace Maps — More maps.
  17. Lycos Maps — Powered by MapBlast! from Vicinity Corporation.
  18. Yahoo! Maps — Powered by Mapquest.
  19. The Weather Channel — Weather maps and forecasts.
  20. U.S. Census Bureau — Social, demographic, and economic data.
  21. EarthWatch — Have their own photo reconaissance satellite, sell images to the public.
  22. Distance between any two points on Earth:
    1. Zenith Aircraft Company's Virtual GPS
    2. Sportflight's Virtual GPS
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