UFO-related Online Sites

  1. MUFON — Official site. Major UFO research membership organization.
  2. MUFON — Unofficial site. Major UFO research membership organization.
  3. Smitty's UFO Page — David Schmitz's collection of material. Good starting point for exploration of the subject. Has much on Groom Lake.
  4. The Real UFO Page — Another good starting point.
  5. Internet UFO Group.
  6. The Anomalist — Co-edited and published by Patrick Huyghe andMUFON Journal editor Dennis Stacy.
  7. Rutgers UFO page.
  8. Nick Humphries' UFO Guide — Which has a mirror site.
  9. Paranet Archives — Postings to the paranet Usenet newsgroups.
  10. UFO Resources Directory — UK site. Much good material.
  11. Alien Information — Australia site. Extensive collection, many papers, photos.
  12. Matthew Dzurik's UFO and Alien Information — European site. Links to many ufo-related sites.
  13. UFOs and Extraterrestrials — Has some great images.
  14. Stan Friedman UFOs — Major researcher's collection, much on Roswell.
  15. MJ4A51 — Area 51 — Focus on Dreamland.
  16. Secrets of Dreamland — Focus on Area 51.
  17. Groomwatch — Groom Lake is part of Area 51.
  18. Area 51 Info — More on the infamous "nonexistent" base.
  19. Unidentified Flying Objects — Section of the WWW Virtual Library.
  20. Ufologists — Focus on people in the field.
  21. The EBE — Focus on Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.
  22. 50 Great Conspiracies — Interview with researcher Jacques Vallee, explores interdimensional hypothesis.
  23. Beyond the UFO Conspiracy — Discussions of alternatives.
  24. Bluebook — Focus on encounters.
  25. Channel Z/The Z Files — Gets into mutilations, Bigfoot, other phenomena.
  26. Circlemakers — See the latest crop circles.
  27. Fortean Times — England's premier Fortean journal.
  28. Norio Hayakawa's UFO Site
  29. Visitations — Martin Cannon's site. Contains his classic paper, The Controllers, which details government mind-control experiments.
  30. The Black Vault Headquarters — Published by John Greenewald, Jr.
  31. Alien On Line — This one is in Italian.
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