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16 March 1997



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Ex-Informant Indicted on Charges
97-03-13 13:24:58 EST

The Associated Press

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - A former federal informant who claimed to have information about the Oklahoma City bombing has been indicted on unrelated bomb-threat conspiracy charges.

An amended indictment issued Wednesday charges Carol Howe for the first time and expands allegations against her jailed boyfriend, James Viefhaus Jr.

The indictment alleges Ms. Howe compiled a list of bomb ingredients, acquired photographs of federal offices in Tulsa and used her home telephone to distribute racist information.

The home she shared with Viefhaus was raided last December, when he was arrested. He pleaded innocent to the new charges and remains in jail. Ms. Howe's attorney, Allen Smallwood, said she will turn herself in next week in Tulsa.

Viefhaus was arrested after he allegedly threatened on one of the answering machine messages to bomb federal buildings in 15 cities. The message also endorsed the Oklahoma City bombing, which killed 168 people on April 19, 1995.

Ms. Howe is a white-separatist insider turned government informant who federal officials privately dismiss as unstable.

She claims she overheard Dennis Mahon, a white supremacist, and Andreas Strassmeir, a German national, plot bombings of federal buildings while meeting at Elohim City, an armed white separatist enclave in far eastern Oklahoma.

McCurtain Daily Gazette
14 March 1997


By J.D. Cash

The incredible saga of Carol E. Howe-- a former undercover informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (BATF)-- took another bizarre twist Wednesday when the U.S. Attorney's office in Tulsa released criminal indictments against the former college honor student and ex-Tulsa Opera debutante.

Carol Howe has recently been the subject of several national news stories since the McCurtain Daily Gazette discovered evidence that she had reported to her BATF "handlers" a plot to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building by members of a neo-Nazi religious cult located in eastern Oklahoma.

The three-count indictment alleges Howe conspired with former housemate James Dodson Viefhaus Jr. to willfully make a bomb threat and possessed a non-registered destructive device.

On Dec. 13, the FBI raided the Tulsa residence that Howe shared with Viefhaus after receiving information concerning a cryptic message on the pair's answering machine.

During a Dec. 18 preliminary hearing, FBI agent Pete Rickel told the court that a search of the residence found ammonium nitrate and other chemicals that could be used to make a bomb.

The agent also testified that books describing how to make bombs, plus various weapons, were found at the property.

According to testimony at the hearing, the raid was touched off when a person in Seattle, Wash., reported a menacing message on an answering machine that was subsequently traced to the residence of Viefhaus and Howe.

Viefhaus was arrested after he admitted it was his voice on the answering machine.

The Gazette has learned that the message including references to a holy war with an "Aryan" agenda.

The pre-recorded message also contained a statement referring to a letter purportedly received from "a high-ranking revolutionary commander" demanding that action be taken against the government by all "white warriors" by Dec. 15-- and that if the action were not taken, bombs would be activated in 15 pre-selected cities.

Subsequently Viefhaus was indicted for his role. He has been in custody since December awaiting trial.


As for Carol Howe, the 26-year-old blonde dropped out of college recently.

She has been living in seclusion at an undisclosed location since her work as a contract undercover informant for the BATF was first revealed in an exclusive Feb. 11 interview printed in the Gazette.

The Tulsa World reported this morning that Howe's attorney, Allan Smallwood of Tulsa, said his client will turn herself in next week and that he expects to vigorously defend her against the charges.

Adding to the twists and turns in the young woman's life, Howe is believed to be a key witness for the defense in the upcoming trial of Timothy McVeigh.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source on the McVeigh defense team said the timing of the indictments against Howe-- coming two months after Viefhaus' were handed down and only weeks before the McVeigh trial begins-- appears to be a desperate attempt by the Justice Department to impugn her credibility before she testifies in Denver.


During the course of several meetings and telephone interviews previously reported, Howe told the Gazette that she warned the BATF for months about plans to bomb three Oklahoma federal offices prior to the actual April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

How also told this newspaper that she believed the raid on her property last December was part of a plan to destroy her-- saying she feared her life was in jeopardy because of her knowledge of the plot to bomb the Murrah Building and the government's failure to heed her warnings.

Indeed, according to documents recently discovered by the McVeigh defense team, Howe told her "handler" with the BATF that Tulsan Dennis Mahon and former Elohim City resident Andreas Karl Strassmeir announced as long ago as November, 1994, that three potential sites for destruction had been selected.

Those potential targets, Howe's reports stated, were the Tulsa federal building, the Tulsa office of the IRS and the Oklahoma City federal building.

Howe also told authorities that other residents of Elohim City, a religious cult near the Arkansas state line close to Muldrow, were being whipped into a frenzy about a coming holy war. The compound's religious guru, the Rev. Robert Millar, said that holy war would come by April 19, 1995, she said.

According to Howe's report, Millar in January, 1995 began warning the residents of Elohim City that they would "end up like David Koresh and the Branch Davidians if (they) did not act first."

Howe also told authorities that Strassmeir and Mahon actually "cased" the Murrah building on three occasions before the bombings.

According to Howe's April 21 interview with authorities with authorities, she said she did not recognize the name Timothy McVeigh but believed the sketches of subjects being circulated by the FBI were men she knew at Elohim City who associated with Mahon and Strassmeir.

Although Carol Howe's BATF file indicates she passed each of the polygraphs administered while she worked for them, incredibly no one at the Justice Department obtained arrest and search warrants for anyone at Elohim City.

Nor did the FBI ever interview Strassmeir and Mahon about Howe's information.

Instead, Howe's reports indicate her rate of pay was increased from $120 per week to $400 per day after the Oklahoma City bombing when she was persuaded to return to Elohim City, alone, to see what sort of activity was going on there.

After spending four days at the compound, Howe reported back to authorities that Mahon and Strassmeir had disappeared from the property and that there had been an influx of heavily armed men preparing for a raid.

JDT Commentary: Mahon & Strassmeir? Was there in fact a federal raid scheduled for Elohim City coincidental with the bombing? Did the "rats" leave a ship they thought was sinking? The last thing that happens before a raid is "snitches out". Is Mahon therefore a snitch & "pet Nazi" as well as Strassmeir? Can this account for his wandering around the landscape undisturbed by the Feds for two years now? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Justice Department now says Howe was unreliable and had to be fired.

During the course of our interviews with Howe, she said on several occasions that she believed the FBI had been attempting to lure her into doing something illegal for quite some time in order to put her in jail-- or, at the very least, to stop her from going public with what she knew about the April 19, 1995, bombing.

Howe, in an interview earlier this year, produced a faxed document from a person she said had been contacting her for several months, regularly encouraging her to get involved in various illegal acts, including purchasing machine guns.

Reflected on the document acquired by the Gazette is a telephone number indicating where it was faxed from.

Oklahoma City private investigator Bruce Dierks traced the phone number to 2926 S. 130th E. Ave. in Tulsa.

Dierks said the residence was rented in the name of "E. Ingersoll" but that when the phone records were checked, the bill was actually paid by now well-known FBI informant Richard E. Schrum.

Schrum testified last year at a bombing trial that resulted in convictions for several persons accused of plotting to bomb gay barns [sic] and synagogues.

JDT Commentary: The "several persons" were Willie Ray Lampley, "Prophet of the Most High, Etc. Etc." and Company. Now Lampley was no doubt guilty of many things, but even though he once called me an "uncircumcised dog" I must say I don't think he was ever accused of plotting to blow up "gay barns". Gay bars, certainly, but not gay barns. I cannot even visualize what a "gay barn" would look like, but if there is such a place, Richard Schrum would likely be hanging around to report to his Stasi masters on the goings-on. Doubtless the McCurtain Gazette typesetter dropped an "n" in here for grins and giggles. However, we here at the John Doe Times endeavor to reproduce a true copy of what is provided us, so you got "gay barns" just like the folks who get their McCurtain Gazette on the porch every day.

Schrum testified during the trial that he was paid by the FBI to infiltrate right-wing groups.

At press time today, Carol Howe contacted J.D. Cash and said she was returning to Tulsa to surrender to authorities.

But Howe was apparently not intimidated by the federal action, defiantly telling Cash:

"If the Justice Department thinks this is going to shut me up... well, it's going to have the opposite effect.... These are actions clearly designed to discredit me before the McVeigh trial."

She left this parting promise: "I'm not keeping my mouth shut any longer about Oklahoma City!"

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