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U.S. Citizen Crime Prevention &
Law Enforcement Directory

Across the United States and around the world citizens are becoming active in crime prevention and law enforcement through a variety of programs:

  1. Neighborhood Watch (NW)
  2. Cellular on Patrol (COP)
  3. Citizen Police Academy (CPA)
  4. Youth Programs (YP)

These programs are sponsored by a variety of city police, county sheriff, and state police agencies, but there are gaps in some areas, and there is a need for such programs to coordinate among one another and share information and resources. To facilitate this we are providing this directory. It is in the early stages of construction, and mainly lists programs that have a presence on the Internet and the WWW. We encourage everyone to get their program on the Internet and contribute additional entries and make any needed corrections to this directory. Send email to jon.roland@the-spa.com.

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