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Internet Journals

Alternative media. Inclusion
on this page is not an endorsement of their views or the accuracy of their reports. All should be read with skepticism.


  1. Fox News — News and opinion. Much of it is also available free as streaming video. Many of the hosts have their own radio programs.
  2. Rubin Report — Host Dave Rubin. Video interviews.
  3. Daily Wire — Host Ben Shapiro comments on issues of the day.
  4. Jordan Maxwell Show — Host Jordan Maxwell on his research and experiences with space aliens.
  5. Joe Rogan Report — Video interviews.
  6. The Blaze — Conservative commentary :Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, others. United with CRTV.
  7. Tammy Bruce Live — Conservative news and commentary
  8. Dark Journalist — Host Daniel Liszt interviews and commentary

Radio (audio only)
  1. Coast to Coast — Host George Noory, interviews and news of the bizarre.
  2. Revolution Radio — Multiple hosts and programs.
  3. Freedomslips — Multiple hosts and programs.
  4. American Freedom Radio— Multiple hosts and programs.
  5. Ben Shapiro Radio Show— Host Ben Shapiro comments on issues of the day.

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