Republican Movements

These seek to change non-republican forms of government into republics, or oppose such a change. We distinguish them from Freedom Movements and Separatist Movements.

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  1. Remote Link - HTML IntRep: International Directory of Republican Websites Includes some separatist and anarchist groups.
  2. Remote Link - HTML Google: Society > Politics > Monarchy > Republican Movements
  • Australia
    • Remote Link - HTML Australian Republic Movement
    • Remote Link - HTML AUSFLAG - Our Own Flag
    • Remote Link - HTML Conservatives for an Australian Head of State
    • Remote Link - HTML Republica - Tasmania University Society for an Australian Republic
    • Remote Link - HTML Young Australians for a Republic
    • Remote Link - HTML Australian Republic Unplugged Warning! Javascript error that doesn't you back out.
    • Remote Link - HTML Australian Republic Issue Guide
  • Britain
    • Remote Link - HTML The British Constitution Group Holding a London conference June 13, 2009.
    • Remote Link - HTML Republican Party Not to be confused with the U.S. party of the same name, but a party that seeks to convert Britain into a rfepublic.
    • Remote Link - HTML British Republic Email group.
    • Remote Link - HTML Republic Focus on electoral approach.
    • Remote Link - HTML British Republic Focus on public education and debate.
    • Remote Link - HTML Centre for Citizenship
    • Remote Link - HTML British Republicans
    • Remote Link - HTML Republican Alliance
    • Remote Link - HTML Movement Against the Monarchy (MA'M)
    • Remote Link - HTML Monarchy Out
    • Remote Link - HTML Magna Carta Society
  • Burma
    • Remote Link - HTML Free Burma Coalition
  • Canada
    • Remote Link - HTML Citizens for a Canadian Republic = Citoyens et citoyennes pour une r�publique canadienne
    • Remote Link - HTML Party of unity, have republic as part of their platform.
    • Remote Link - HTML Monarchy-Free Canada
    • Remote Link - HTML Republi-Canada Email group.
  • Belgium
    • Remote Link - HTML Cercle r�publicain = Republikeinse Kring = Republikanischer Kreis (CRK)
  • Denmark
    • Remote Link - HTML Hjemmeside for danske republikanere
    • Remote Link - HTML Republikken Danmark
  • Iran
    • Remote Link - HTML Alliance of Iranian Students
  • Luxembourg
    • Remote Link - HTML d�i L�nk zum Thronwechsel
  • Netherlands
    • Remote Link - HTML Nieuw Republikeins Genootschap
    • Remote Link - HTML Republikeins Genootschap
    • Remote Link - HTML Republikeinse Moderne Partij
  • New Zealand
    • Remote Link - HTML Republican Movement of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Norway
    • Remote Link - HTML For Republikk i Norge
  • Spain
    • Remote Link - HTML Izquierda Republicana
  • Sweden
    • Remote Link - HTML Republikanska F�reningen (Republican Alliance of Sweden)
    • Remote Link - HTML Republik! Nu!

Also see Separatist and Independence Movements

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