96. Summons to a Member of the so-called Barebones Parliament.

[June 6, 1653. Old Parliamentary History, xx. 151. See Commonwealth and Protectorate, ii. 283 ]

Forasmuch as upon the dissolution of the late Parliament it became necessary that the peace, safety, and good government of this Commonwealth should be provided for; and, in order thereunto, divers persons fearing God, and of approved fidelity and honesty, are by myself, with the advice of my council of officers, nominated, to whom the great charge and trust of so weighty affairs is to be committed; and having good assurance of your love to, and courage for, God and the interest of His cause, and of the good people of this Commonwealth:

I, Oliver Cromwell, Captain-General and Commander-in-chief of all the armies and forces raised, and to be raised, within this Commonwealth, do hereby summon and require you (being one of the said persons nominated) personally to be and appear at the Council-Chamber, commonly known or called by the name of the Council-Chamber at Whitehall, within the City of Westminster, upon the 4th day of July next ensuing the date hereof; then and there to take upon you the said trust unto which you are hereby called and appointed, to serve as a member for the county of And hereof you are not to fail.

Given under my hand and seal the 6th day of June, 1653.

O. Cromwell.

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