87. Engagement taken by the members of the Council of State.

[February 33, 1649. Old Parliamentary History, xix. 38. See Commonwealth and Protectorate, i. 6, 7.]

I, A. B., being nominated a member of the Council of State by this present Parliament, do testify that I do adhere to this present Parliament, in the maintenance and defence of the public liberty and freedom of this nation, as it is now declared by this Parliament (by whose authority I am constituted a member of the said Council) and in the maintenance and defence of their resolutions concerning the settling of the government of this nation for the future in way of a Republic, without King or House of Lords; and I do promise in the sight of God that, through His grace, I will be faithful in the performance of the trust committed to me as aforesaid, and therein faithfully pursue the instructions given to the said Council by this present Parliament; and not reveal or disclose anything, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, that shall be debated or resolved upon in the Council, without the command or direction of the Parliament, or without the order or allowance of the major part of the Council or of the major part of them that shall be present at such debates or resolutions. In confirmation of the premises I have hereto subscribed my name.

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