77. Additional Articles of the Engagement.

[December 26, 1647. The Lauderdale Papers, Camden Society, i. 2. See Great Civil War, iv. 41.]

Charles Rex.

His Majesty, out of the natural affection he bears to his ancient and native kingdom, and to demonstrate how sensible he is of their affection expressed to him in the time of his extremity, and how heartily desirous he is to put marks of his grace and favour upon his subjects of that nation which may remain to all posterity, doth declare that he is resolved: —

That Scottish men equally with English be employed by His Majesty and his successors, in foreign negotiations and treaties in all time coming;

That a considerable and competent number of Scotsmen[1] be upon His Majesty's Council, and his successors' in England, and so reciprocally the same number of Englishmen upon His Majesty's Council in Scotland. That Scottish men according to the number and proportion [of a third part in number and quality be employed[2]] in places of trust and offices about His Majesty's person, the Queen's Majesty, the Prince and the rest of the royal issue, and their families in all time coming.

That His Majesty and the Prince, or at least one of them, shall reside in Scotland frequently as their occasions can permit — whereby their subjects of that kingdom may be known unto them.[3]

[1] This originally stood; ' That Scottish men at least to the number of the third part.'

[2] The words in brackets are inserted in the margin in Charles's hand, instead of ' aforesaid,' &c.

[3] This additional Agreement was sealed with Charles's signet. It was originally dated Carisbrook, 26 Dec. 1647, but the date is scratched out. Lauderdale told Burnet of its existence. Hyde wrote on the back of his copy of the Engagement (Clar. MSS. 2685), that these terms occur in a copy in the possession of Lord Culpepper which he saw, but of which he was not allowed to take a copy. He also states that they did not occur in the copy in the hands of Prince Rupert.

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