Oklahoma City Bombing

April 19, 1995

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Perhaps the greatest act of terrorism in U.S. history, the bombing of the Alfred F. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City has been the subject of intense public attention. First blamed on the militias by federal agents, it was later blamed on a couple of misfits, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, but militiamen continue to investigate the case to discover whether others may have been involved, while government agencies continue to try to cover up their complicity.

Reports and Links

  1. Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee — Trying to do the job the government isn't.
  2. Oklahoma City Bombing Questions
  3. Oklahoma City Bombing Cover-up
  4. What Really Happened — Oklahoma City Bombing — Collection of evidentiary material.
  5. Remote Link - HTML The Oklahoma City Bombing — Collection if links from Andrew K. Dart.
  6. The John Doe Times — An electronic newsletter published by Mike Vanderboegh of the Alabama Constitutional Militia, reporting on the results of militia investigations.
  7. Geocities Archive of The John Doe Times — Another archive of the above.
  8. Restoring America Archive of The John Doe Times — Another JDT archive.
  9. OKC Bombing Blackout — Archive of documents and links.
  10. TeamInfinity Archive — Another archive of links and documents.
  11. Oklahoma City Bombing Fact Pak — Many documents and links here. Published by Tony Sgarlatti.
  12. Outpost of Freedom Oklahoma City Bombing Page.
  13. Conversation with Ambrose — Report of interview June 30, 1996.
  14. 96/08/20 — Response #1 to John Doe #2 Reports — By Kirk Lyons
  15. 96/08/20 — Response #2 to John Doe #2 Reports — By Kirk Lyons
  16. 96/08/20 — Response #3 to John Doe #2 Reports — By Kirk Lyons
  17. Colorado Militia / NALA — Covering the trial.
  18. An interview with Charles J. Mankin Director, Oklahoma Geological Survey, on the OKC Bombing. (12 minutes) — RealAudio required. Also see Pat Parrinello's page.
  19. Radio interview with OKC survivor V.Z. Lawton who joined the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee. Needs Windows Media Player.
  20. Selected email messages, mostly from OKCBOMB list.
  21. McVeigh Trial Transcripts
  22. HTML Version Text Version MS Word Version McVeigh Appeal to 10th Circuit on Ban of Defense Evidence — Provides much information on the case defense counsel Stephen Jones wanted to make.
  23. Reply by Ian Goddard to Carol Valentine — In this message, Goddard makes charge that Clinton was "behind the OKC bombing". See Waco page.
  24. Letter from Timothy McVeigh to his sister Jennifer — Reveals incident that may explain why he turned against his own government.

Books on subject

  1. HTML Version Text Version MS Word Version A David Hoffman, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, 1998, Feral House Pr. Exposé of the Oklahoma City bombing.
  2. Remote HTML Version David Paul Hammer, Deadly Secrets — Timothy James McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing, 2010, Authorhouse.

Reviews of Books on subject

  1. Michele Moore, Oklahoma City: Day One, 1996, The Harvest Trust, Eagar, AZ, $29.95 paperback. First of several books planned on the subject.

Newspapers & Media

  1. London Telegraph — Search articles by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (by "Ambrose"), investigative journalist who has written on the patriot/militia movement and high-level corruption in the U.S. Government.
  2. Rocky Mountain News — Has transcripts of trial.
  3. Daily Oklahoman — Material on Oklahoma City bombing, including McVeigh trial transcripts.
  4. Oklahoma Daily — Student newspaper of the University of Oklahoma. Has info on Oklahoma City Bombing.
  5. Haight Ashbury Free Press — This San Francisco newspaper is providing extensive coverage of the OKC bombing and trial.
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