The Politics of Terror

"Power concedes nothing without a demand… it never did, and it never will. Find out just what the people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.…"
— Frederick Douglass, August 4, 1857

[Yet the FBI wasn't [and isn't] the only agency practicing counter-insurgency techniques to discredit and eliminate its political opponents.] Ten years after Report from Iron Mountain was published, Theodore Shackley published The Third Option: An Expert's Provocative Report on an American View of Counterinsurgency Operations.

Shackley was one of the original proponents of "low intensity conflict," which manifested itself as the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, and as death squads in South and Central America. Shackley euphemistically describes this concept as "the third option."

Senior intelligence officers like myself, who had experience in paramilitary operations, have always insisted that the United States should also consider the third option: the use of guerrilla warfare, counter-insurgency techniques and covert action to achieve policy goals.… Political warfare is very often the stitch in time that eliminates bloodier and more costly alternatives. [1227]

Gene Wheaton calls Shackley's Third Option the "operational manual" for the covert intelligence "lunatic fringe." This same lunatic intelligence crowd, states Wheaton, "as far back as the early 1980s, wanted to create a domestic terrorist threat in America so the people would become so frightened that they would give up some civil liberties and Constitutional rights, and give the CIA and Pentagon covert operators major domestic counter-terrorism powers."

As Wheaton writes:

The Third Option is not to have peace in the world, and not to have a full-scale world war. Instead, they wanted to cause worldwide instability, chaos and civil unrest in order to manipulate and control people and governments, including the United States; thus the creation of the domestic terrorist threat.[1228]

Notice that Wheaton calls this the creation of the domestic terrorist threat. Wheaton states what has been known for centuries by the so-called "enlightened ones" — the Illuminati, the Masons, the Rhodes Round Table, and their successors: the CFR, the Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission — that out of chaos will come order (Ordo Ab Chao. )[1229]

Otherwise known as the "Hegelian Principle," this is the technique by which a normally repugnant idea (in this case a totalitarian police-state) is offered as the only viable solution to a intractable problem (in this case domestic terrorism), deliberately engineered by the state itself. As New American editor William Jasper notes:

…history is replete with examples of ruthless and corrupt politicians who have shamelessly exploited and manipulated tragic events and the criminal acts of a few to advance their own lust for power. In cases too numerous to mention, tyrants and aspiring despots have gone even further, engaging agents provocateurs to carry out assassinations, foment riots and rebellion, precipitate financial panics, attempt palace coups, feign foreign invasion, initiate acts of terrorism, and perform other infamous acts — all for the purpose of establishing a mass psychology of fear, a sense of "crisis," of imminent danger requiring the government to suspend normal liberties and seize vast new powers to deal with the "emergency."

Hitler came to power in precisely this manner, by burning down the German Parliament, the Reichstag, then blaming it on his enemies — in this case, the Communists. He then passed the Enabling Act (a form of anti-terrorism bill) for the "protection of the people and the state."

History is now repeating itself. As Adam Parfrey writes in Cult Rapture:

By definition, a terrorist must take credit for his violence, or else there is no compelling reason to commit a crime. The specific purpose of terrorism is gaining leverage on a specific political objective through the ability of threatening future terrorist acts. No one has claimed credit for the Oklahoma City bombing. Militia groups produced particularly vehement public statements condemning the crime.

"If the bombing was not terrorism," asks Portland Free Press editor Ace Hayes, "then what was it? It was pseudo-terrorism, perpetrated by compartmentalized covert operators for the purposes of state police power."[1230]

The Portland Free Press editor has studied the secret state for decades and can say that the OKC crime has all the characteristics of state-planned and-executed propaganda. It is not different from the bogus Viet Cong units that were sent out to rape and murder Vietnamese to discredit the National Liberation Front. It is not different from the bogus "finds" of Commie weapons in El Salvador. It is not different from the bogus Symbionese Liberation Army created by the CIA/FBI to discredit the real revolutionaries.

Probably the most well-known case was the Reichstag fire, which led to the rise of Nazi Germany through the implementation of sweeping legislative powers. On February 27, 1933, a fire tore through the German parliament building, the Reichstag. The Nazis immediately accused a Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe of the crime, and subsequently executed him.

The parallels between the Reichstag fire and the Oklahoma City bombing are eerily similar, both in the likeness of the crime, and in their political ramifications. As author William Shirer writes in his epic, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

The idea for the fire almost certainly originated with Goebbels and Göering. Hans Gisevius, an official in the Prussian Ministry of the Interior at the time, testified at Nuremberg that "it was Goebbels who first thought of setting the Reichstag on fire," and Rudolf Diels, the Gestapo chief, added in an affidavit that "Göering knew exactly how the fire was to be started" and had ordered him "to prepare, prior to the fire, a list of people who were to be arrested immediately after it." General Franz Haider, Chief of the German General Staff during the early part of World War II, recalled at Nuremberg how on one occasion Göering had boasted of his deed:

"At a luncheon on the birthday of the Fuehrer in 1942 the conversation turned to the topic of the Reichstag building and its artistic value. I heard with my own ears when Göering interrupted the conversation and shouted: 'The only one who really knows about the Reichstag is I, because I set it on fire!' With that he slapped his thigh with the flat of his hand."

[Marinus] Van der Lubbe, it seems clear, was a dupe of the Nazis. He was encouraged to try to set the Reichstag on fire. But the main job was to be done — without his knowledge, of course — by the storm troopers. Indeed, it was established at the subsequent trial at Leipzig that the Dutch half-wit did not possess the means to set so vast a building on fire so quickly. Two and a half minutes after he entered, the great central hall was fiercely burning. He had only his shirt for tinder.

The main fires, according to the testimony of experts at the trial, had been set with considerable quantities of chemicals and gasoline. It was obvious that one man could not have carried them into the building, nor would it have been possible for him to start so many fires in so many scattered places in so short a time. Van der Lubbe was arrested on the spot and Göering, as he afterward told the court, wanted to hang him at once.[1231]

Shirer may just as well have been describing the bombing in Oklahoma City. Timothy McVeigh appears as a modern-day Van der Lubbe — a dupe who could have not possibly destroyed the Murrah Building with his crude homemade fertilizer bomb. Yet he was set up in exactly the same manner as the Dutch Communist, arrested instantly, and proclaimed the ultimate societal enemy — representing a group that threatened the continuity of the state — just as Clinton did with the militias in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Although Göering didn't admit at Nuremberg that his agents set the fire, the Nazis seized on the event, claiming Lubbe's act was the precursor of a Communist invasion. Chancellor Hitler persuaded President Hindenburg to sign an emergency decree — Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, "for the Protection of the People and the State" — which immediately abrogated most of the German peoples' constitutional protections.

A supplemental decree created the SA (Storm Troops) and SS (Special Security) federal police agencies. These decrees (similar to executive orders of the President of the United States), gave Hitler and his goons the ability to ruthlessly suppress all opposition in the upcoming elections. As a result, the Nazis gained a 44 percent plurality in the Parliament, and [soon-to-be] Luftwaffe General Herman Göering declared that there was no further need for state governments.

The Nazis were successful in eliminating the states' authority in the same manner — instigating disorder, then quelling it by replacing local governments with Nazi-appointed Reich Commissioners.

This precedent was officially established on March 23 when the "Enabling Act" transferred the power of the states to the central Nazi-run government — making the federal government responsible for all law-enforcement, and conferring on Hitler the legal status of dictator.

Hitler immediately appointed Joseph Goebbels as Minster of Propaganda, and as Interior Minister — the top police post — Hitler appointed Herman Göering. Göering immediately filled the ranks of the Prussian police with loyal SA and SS members. As Suzanne Harris of the The Law Loft notes:

All of the key strategic moves were made by Göering in setting the stage for a take-over. Why? Because in order to take over a government, you have to eliminate your political enemies before they strike, not after. This means that you have to transform the police from a crime-detecting and punishing apparatus to a crime preventing apparatus. You have to expand the definition of key crimes so that you can identify and incarcerate your enemies before they strike. You have to transform the attitudes of the police so that they view the public as the enemy and not as citizens with rights. You have to have tactical police units in place that will execute your orders rapidly without question.[1232]

Soon Nazi storm troopers were roaring through the streets at all hours, rounding up suspected dissidents, including politicians, who were then hauled off to makeshift concentration camps and tortured or killed. As William Shirer writes:

Just to make sure the job would be ruthlessly done, Göering on February 22 established an auxiliary police force of 50,000 men, of whom 40,000 were drawn from the ranks of the S.A. and the S.S.… Police power in Prussia was thus largely carried out by Nazi thugs. It was a rash German who appealed to such a "police" for protection against the Nazi terrorists.[1233]

Hitler's promises that "the government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures" were belied by the ruthless tally of history.[1234]

In a manner faintly reminiscent of Hitler's assurances concerning the 1933 "Enabling laws," FBI Director Louis Freeh recently sought, and won, tentative agreement on a package of anti-terrorism measures that would expand wiretapping authority. Freeh assured legislators that the proposals would not give the government "expansive powers."[1235]

Like the CIA's announcement to investigate itself for it's own drug-running, the wolf now seeks to reassure the public that it has no intention of invading the hen house.

One year to the day after the Oklahoma City bombing, President [K]linton signed the Anti-Terrorism Bill, "for the protection of the people and the state." Clinton railroaded Congress into passing the draconian legislation in the same manner that Hitler stampeded the German people into passing the Enabling Act.

"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans," Clinton was quoted in USA TODAY in March of 1993.[1236]

"…a lot of people say there's too much personal freedom," Clinton stated on MTV in March of 1994. "When personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit it."[1237]

Clinton's Anti-Terrorism Bill includes plans to establish a new FBI counterterrorism center with 1,000 new "anti-terrorist" agents. One proposal, harking back to the days of COINTELPRO, would add 25 intelligence analysts, 190 surveillance specialists with 143 support personnel, 31 engineers and mathematicians for intercepting digital communications, and various other experts and analysts. The Bill also includes a $66 million windfall for the ATF for "anti-terrorism" efforts.[1238]

Now the FBI has now unveiled its "Critical Incident Response Group." Divided into five units, the "Undercover Safeguard Unit" selects recruits for [even more] undercover agents to be sent amongst the American people; the "Aviation and Special Operations Unit" which creates an FBI Air Force for both logistics and spying; the "Investigative Support Unit," which permits the FBI's flawless crime lab to become available for every law-enforcement agency in the country; and the "Crisis Management Unit" which helps the Bureau cover up such incidents as Ruby Ridge and Waco while lying to the press.

Then there is the "SWAT Training Unit," and the "Tactical Support" Division, which includes the infamous "Hostage Rescue Team," which "rescued" a nursing mother by shooting her in the face, and "rescued" 86 men, women, and children by gassing, shooting, and burning them alive.

Finally, there is the "Abducted Children and Serial Killers Unit," which should provide a measure of relief to those concerned about out-of-control criminals who gas and incinerate children while committing mass-murder.[1239]

One recent manifestation of America's drift toward a national police force is the final report of the National Performance Review (NPR) headed by Vice President Al Gore. Said to be a blueprint for "reinventing government," this report recommends "the designation of the Attorney General as the Director of Law Enforcement to coordinate federal law enforcement efforts."

This was the same Attorney General who, along with Deputy Attorney General Webster Hubbell and President Bill Clinton, gave the "final solution" order at Waco. The FBI was the agency that carried it out, gassing and incinerating 86 men, women and children.

Now, under H.R. 97 (the "Rapid Deployment Strike Force Act"), Clinton, Reno and Freeh are calling for a 2,500-man "Rapid-Deployment" force composed of FBI and other federal agents, all under the supervision of the Attorney General.[1240] The bill states:

On application of the Governor of a State and the chief executive officer of the affected local government or governments...and upon finding that the occurrence of criminal activity in a particular jurisdiction is being exacerbated by the interstate flow of drugs, guns, and criminals, the Deputy Assistant Director may deploy on a temporary basis a unit of the Rapid Deployment Force.

Judiciary Committee spokesmen interviewed by Relevance Magazine said the Rapid-Deployment Strike Force "would also serve as a model unit for local officers to emulate." A comforting thought, considering the "exemplary" actions of federal "law enforcement" at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Such a Göering-inspired national police force has the potential to become an American Gestapo.

Joe Hendricks, Chief of Police of Windsor, Missouri, expressed his concern over this trend in the June, 1997 issue of the Idaho Observer:

Unfortunately, at the present time, an agent of the FBI could walk into my office and commandeer this police department. If you don't believe that, read the Crime Bill that Clinton signed into law in 1995. There is talk of the feds taking over the Washington, D.C. Police Department. To me this sets a dangerous precedent.[1241][1242]

Said Joseph McNamara, former police chief in San Jose and Kansas City, now at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University: "Despite the conventional wisdom that community policing is sweeping the nation, the exact opposite is happening,"[1243]

Charles "Bud" Meeks, executive director of the National Sheriff's Association, adds, "By passing statutes in an effort to make [the crime situation] better," he observed, "we're getting closer to a federal police state."[1244]

"In SWAT units formed since 1980, their use has increased by 538 percent," said police researcher Peter Kraska. Originally designed to control armed, barricaded suspects, SWAT teams are now being routinely used in the so-called "War on Drugs," and in places like Fresno, are being deployed full-time as roaming patrols.

"The drug war created the atmosphere for this kind of pro-active policing," Kraska said. "We have never seen this kind of policing, where SWAT teams routinely break through a door, subdue all the occupants and search the premises for drugs, cash and weapons."

While the average citizen has to pay a several hundred dollar fine or serve jail time for possessing a small amount of marijuana, the biggest drug dealers in the country — the CIA — have been pumping tons of heroin and cocaine into this country for decades. Now the "War on Drugs," which even many in the law-enforcement community admit is a sham, is being used to wage war on the American people.

"It's a very dangerous thing, when you're telling cops they're soldiers and there's an enemy out there," adds McNamara. "I don't like it all."[1245]

Yet maybe the cops won't have to worry about looking like soldiers. On October 5th, 1994, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Criminal Justice held hearings on the Justice Department's proposed "Use of the National Guard in Domestic Law Enforcement."[1246]

One increasing manifestation of this trend are Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces (MJTF) training for urban guerrilla warfare (UGW). As numerous newspaper articles have noted over the past few years, sweeps by Army helicopters in towns and cities across America in conjunction with paramilitary police raids and training exercises have been increasing. The following incident was reported by Jim Keith and verified by the author:

During the Summer of 1993, residents of Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia were shocked in the early hours of the morning as three military helicopters came churning through their high-rise condo canyons as part of military Special Operations Command practice raids. In the same area in July of 1994, automatic weapons fire and explosions echoed off an abandoned state office building on Peachtree Street. Employees of a Kinko's copy center at 793 Peachtree Street saw men in battle gear atop the building. An employees remember a bullet shattering the store's window during the exercise.

During January of 1994, troops from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, which includes the Green Berets, Rangers, and psychological warfare specialists, were seen rappelling off the empty 11-story St Moritz Hotel in Miami, firing paint pellets in mock assault exercises.[1247] In Fort Lauderdale during November of 1996, troops from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, along with Special Forces, Rangers, Navy SEALSs, and psychological warfare specialists, practiced "night urban navigation training."

In Houston, the crash of an Army helicopter alerted citizens to troops practicing UGW exercises with helicopters, small arms fire and explosives in vacant buildings.[1248]

Similar exercises were practiced near Detroit during the Summer of 1994. In Van Buren township, citizens were treated to the sound of explosions and automatic gunfire. When residents complained, they were told by police, "Don't worry about it. The MJTF and Van Buren PD SWAT teams were practicing."

Resident Bridget Tuohey wasn't reassured. "I have two little kids here who are semi-hysterical," Tuohey told the Detroit News. When Van Buren resident Mark Spencer went to investigate, he saw men in Ninja-style black uniforms with no markings practicing mock assaults on abandoned houses.

Although the live ordnance found at the scene had already been photographed by local Detroit television crews, Wayne County Police spokesman claimed that it did not exist.[1249]

As Spencer recalls, "Never in 25 years of living in this area have I ever heard automatic weapons fire. Never have I heard explosives training being done here. Never have I seen men dressed in black battle dress roaming the wooded areas of my home."[1250]

On June 6, 1996, the Washington Times reported:

Nine Army helicopters swooped into Pittsburgh in the middle of the night this week and turned parts of the city into war zones, complete with sounds of explosions and gunfire that frightened residents and sent one pregnant woman into labor.

What are these troops training for? According to a report in the March, 1995 issue of Soldier of Fortune, about 40 Army and Air Force legal and other personnel attended a secret "research symposium" at XVIII Airborne Corps between December 6th and 8th, 1994, to strategize and study for the deployment of U.S. personnel and resources to aid civilian authorities in "the suppression of domestic civil unrest." Army lawyers repeatedly brushed aside Airborne officers concerns that such deployment would violate the Posse Comitatus Act. One lawyer, responding somewhat cryptically said, "Not anymore, it doesn't."[1251]

Then, in early March of 1966, dozens of defense industry leaders, government policy makers, and military analysts met with federal law enforcement officials at the Ritz-Carlton in McLean, Virginia. Their purpose was to strategize for the "Operations Other Than War/Law Enforcement" (OOTW/LE) initiative, designed to increase coordination between law-enforcement and the military — a trend which has been accelerating in recent years. As Sources EJournal reported:

In hearings on the joint Pentagon/law enforcement OOTW program in June, 1994, Dr. Anita K. Jones, director of defense research and engineering, told the House Armed Services Committee that she foresees the military increasingly being called upon to respond to "rising violence on our city streets" and to deal with the "widespread availability of increasingly powerful weapons."[1252]

One particularly frightening aspect of this trend is the transfer of new Orwellian-style weapons and surveillance gear to domestic law enforcement. The Orange County Register of March 19, 1993 reported that Camp Pendleton Marine base in southern California recently added an $8.4 million facility to train for urban warfare.[1253]

While the DoD claims these exercises are training for "overseas" commitments, Major General Max Baratz dropped the ball when he wrote in the Summer, 1994 issue of Army Reserve Magazine:

In addition to providing fully ready units for our international missions, we'll have an enhanced capability to support domestic actions, [including] regional planning related to Military Support to Civilian Authorities and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) activities.[1254]

As William Jasper reported in the October 31, 1994 issue of The New American, soldiers are currently undergoing training in disarming civilian militias at the $12 million Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) complex at Ft. Polk, Georgia.[1255]

This plan came to fruition in February of 1995, when a source inside the Nevada National Guard said that the FBI had asked for 400 National Guardsmen to help "put down" the Nevada State's Rights Movement. When the Guard refused, the FBI threatened to bring in federal troops.

One National Guardsman who had participated in "Desert Massacre" told an observer his outfit was being trained to "attack urban buildings." When asked for clarification, he said, "If they told us there were guns or drugs in a house, we know how to take it down."

Interestingly, Oliver North and "Buck" Revell helped develop the policy of militarizing our law-enforcement. One example is the FBI — now being given sniper training by the military. That training helped the Bureau massacre 86 men, women, and children at Waco. It was the first time in recent history that the government violated the Posse Comitatus Act by using federal troops on American citizens.[1256]

To put some perspective on FEMA's connections to the lunatic fringe, note that Oliver North served on the Reagan-created Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board, which oversaw FEMA's planning and operations. North was assigned there from 1982 to 1984 by Robert "Bud" McFarlane.[1257]

Raymond "Buddy" Young, President Clinton's former Director of Security, was appointed director of FEMA's Region IV post. Young, who has reportedly participated in and covered-up the Octopus's various illegal doings at Mena, Arkansas, no doubt was given the well-paying job as a reward for his silence. He later showed up in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, directing FEMA traffic and holding press conferences.

Former Assistant Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci (Richard Armitage's pal) signed a Directive permitting senior military commanders to declare martial law "when unlawful obstructions or rebellion against the authority of the United States renders ordinary enforcement means unworkable...."[1258]

North himself proposed a suspension of the Constitution upon the planned U.S. invasion of Nicaragua. In fact, North testified during the Iran-Contra hearings that they were prepared "to suspend the Constitution in the event of mass immigration and domestic political unrest."

The plan was called Operation Rex-84-Alpha (Readiness Exercise 1984, Exercise Plan). Rex-84, which ran concurrently with the first annual show of U.S. force in Honduras in April 1984, was designed to test FEMA's ability to round up 400,000 undocumented Central American immigrants and domestic protesters in the event of an invasion by U.S. forces, and its ability to distribute hundreds of tons of small arms to State Defense Forces (SDF). Reagan and North planned to utilize the SDFs to control and imprison American citizens and Central American refugees.

As General Frank Salcedo, Chief of FEMA's Civil Security Division, stated in 1982, at least 100,000 U.S. citizens, from survivalists to tax protesters, pose serious threats to civil security.[1259]

Rex-84 (along with other joint-mobilization exercises as "Proud Saber/Rex-82," "Operation Garden Plot," and "Operation Night Train") was practiced with 34 other agencies such as the CIA, FBI and the Secret Service. Ben Bradlee, in his book, The Rise And Fall of Oliver North, writes that the Rex exercise was designed to test FEMA's readiness to assume authority over the DoD, the National Guard, and "a number of state defense forces to be established by state legislatures." The military would then be "deputized," making an end run around the Posse Comitatus Act. This was the same Posse Comitatus Act that was breached at L.A. and Waco.[1260]

Detainment camps (concentration camps) were set up on U.S. soil to deal with the expected flood of refugees and political dissenters. Some informed sources say they still exist.

Such well-documented operations represent a frightening precedent for the Shadow Government to suspend Constitutional rights (or what little we have left) in the case of political dissent. This probability was raised by a CIA agent in conversation with DEA veteran Mike Levine. Levine recalls the discussion in his book, Triangle of Death:

"Don't you realize that there are factions in your government that want this to happen — an emergency situation too hot for a constitutional government to handle."

"To what end?" I asked

"A suspension of the Constitution, of course. The legislation is already in place. All perfectly legal. Check it out for yourself. It's called FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency. 'Turn in your guns, you bloody bastards, from here on out, we're watching you, you anti-government rabble rousers.' And who would be king, Michael?"[1261]

"CIA," I said.

While Levine supposedly had this conversation with the Argentine CIA Station Chief in 1991, he told me the actual discussion took place with a drunk CIA agent in Buenos Aries twelve years earlier. As Levine recalls: "He told me America should be more like Argentina. That Americans have more rights than they should have.… He said, 'Give Americans a car, a TV set, a home, and they're happy.' He told me all you had to do was create a situation of fear and anarchy so that Americans will give up their rights.… I believe this is part of what's happening now."[1262]

A prime example was the 1992 L.A. riots. While the beating of black motorist Rodney King was not part of a preconceived plan, many insist that the riots were allowed to rage out of control to test the government's plans for martial law, and provide an excuse for further erosion of our civil rights. It was widely reported that Police Chief Daryl Gates deliberately held back his officers, some of whom literally cried as they watched the ensuing chaos.[1263]

Even that bastion of the establishment, the New York Times, reported:

Emerging evidence from the first crucial hours… provides the strong indication that top police officials did little to plan for the possibility of violence and did not follow standard procedures to contain the rioting once it began.…

The police… violated the basic police procedure for riot-control by failing to cordon off the area around one of the first trouble spots and not returning to that area for hours.

Police 911 dispatchers attempted to send squad cars to the scene of the first violent outbreaks, but were repeatedly ignored or overruled.[1264]

One deputy chief, commenting on the hundreds of officers (and National Guardsmen) who were deliberately held back, told the Los Angeles Times, "This is alien to everything we're supposed to do in a situation like this."[1265][1266]

Others, such as Compton City Councilwoman Patricia Moore, publicly stated that the police themselves started the riots. Backing up Moore was CIA operative Frederick George Celani (AKA: Fred Sebastian), who insisted that the riots were "fomented by federal agents."[1267]*

It is also interesting to note the similarity to the 1965 Watts riots. Police Chief William Parker testified that the Watts escalation was part of an "organized effort." Parker backed up his claim by citing reports of clandestine radio messages which interrupted regular police channels as "further evidence of organization."[1268]

The McCone Commission, charged with the task of investigating the Watts riots — like its predecessor, the Warren Commission — typically found no evidence of organization. John McCone was CIA Director at the time of the Kennedy assassination.

The Christopher Commission, organized by Secretary of State Warren Christopher to investigate the L.A. riots, would make similar findings, this time laying the blame on L.A.'s street gangs — the Crips and the Bloods. Christopher is an attorney for IBM and Lockheed Corp., closely aligned with the CIA.[1269]

The Kent State riots of 1970 are another interesting example. As one student recalled on a KPFK radio interview: "The ROTC building is about 200 feet from the police station, right across the courtyard. All these self-styled revolutionaries who were burning down the ROTC building took 45 minutes to get it started. All the time, the police never attempted to stop them. In fact, it was almost as if they wanted them to burn down the ROTC building.

From this point on, they used this as an excuse to stop the movement that students were involved in — the massive opposition to the war in Vietnam."[1270]

The Watts uprising also saw a sharp increase in domestic police and military intelligence gathering, and gave rise to modern law-enforcement tactics such as the SWAT team. Ever since the riots, writes former UCLA professor Donald Freed, "domestic counter-insurgency has become a 'growth industry.' Forty thousand fast-growing police agencies, containing more than 400,000 men and women, are becoming chief customers for many defense industry contractors."[1271]

The situation would be repeated in Los Angeles, where the riots presented a prime opportunity for the ruling elite to put 10,000 troops, including 1,508 Marines and 2,023 GIs on the streets of an American city while practicing FEMA-style martial law.[1272]

Should a situation such as Levine refers to actually take place, the first to be "detained" would be those who oppose the current system — dissidents, radicals, and primarily, those in the Patriot/Militia movement. The movement represents a threat to the existing power structure in the same way that the Anti-War movement represented a threat to the military-industrial establishment, or the Sandinistas and the FMLN represented a threat to their U.S.-backed fascist dictators.

Used to viewing challenges to its authority on an counterinsurgency model, the ruling elite regard the Patriot/Militia movement along the same lines.

Such counterinsurgency training originated in Vietnam under the infamous Phoenix Program of CIA Director William Colby and Ted Shackley. Not surprisingly, Shackley uses examples such as Phoenix and the later-day death squads of Latin America as splendid examples of how to curb an "insurgency." Shackley refers to the poor, common people of these countries as little more than sinister insurgents out to destroy all vestiges of democracy, when in fact, any semblage of democracy, if it ever existed, would be quickly extinguished to protect the interests of U.S. industrial cartels.

Now our own democracy, largely a sham to begin with, is beginning to follow the model of these third-world countries. Shackley's "Third Option" has become the model for the counterinsurgency program now being waged against the American people. As Hayes writes:

The Imperial State is planning for war with the American people. It is planning to win that war. There is no other possible explanation for the frenzied framing of a fascist police state.[1273]

The Shadow Government's willingness to kill large numbers of foreigners in its bloody wars and covert operations is now being extended to the American people, as its goals shift from controlling third-world populations to controlling American citizens. The same techniques of propaganda, torture, and other coercion that was field-tested by the CIA against "Communists" and other insurgents in South and Central America will ultimately be used on American citizens as the U.S. moves closer and closer politically and economically to its third-world cousins.

A Special Forces combat veteran who coached desert warfare exercises said, very matter-of-factly, that such training would be used on American citizens. "I don't know [when]," he said, "but sooner or later, it's inevitable."

As nationalism becomes less and less the defining factor, the ethical and moral equation shifts with it. It is a short leap from rationalizing the killing of hundreds of thousands or even millions of foreigners to killing a few hundred or a few thousand Americans, if the policy objectives deems it necessary. These deaths are simply viewed as "collateral damage" by the ruling elite.

While this may sound like a drastic concept, the basic idea underlying it is the same. Governments need to control their people. In Latin America, Red China, Turkey, and Indonesia, they do it through repressive laws, incarceration, torture, and death squads. In "civilized" countries such as the United States, the techniques are the same, they only differ in the degree that they are used.

Such techniques were used at Waco. In an attempt to demoralize Church members, bright lights, religious chants, sounds of dying animals, and Church members' own voices were blasted at the compound 24 hours-a-day. The "Justice" Department brought in Dr. Igor Smirnov, a Russian specialist at the Moscow Medical Academy, to study Koresh's mind and devise appropriate mind-control techniques. It was also reported that ultra-low frequency sound waves, which cause nausea, irritability and other physical symptoms, were employed. FBI agents who were prone to using more basic techniques would hurl "flash-bang" grenades into the courtyard, terrorizing the women and children.[1274]

After the Branch Davidians were appropriately demonized by a complient mass-media, the FBI rolled in with tanks and higly-flamable CS-sas (which was banned by the Geneva Convention as too inhumane to be used on foreign enemies), and massacred 86 men, women, and children.

While American citizens were being ruthlessly slaughtered by out-of-control federal agents, the national news media fed us the banally repetitious soap opera drama of a former football player accused of murdering his ex-wife, which played itself out in endless talk shows, tabloid "news" programs, and magazine articles for over two years — while the brutal massacre of 86 American citizens by lunatic "law-enforcement" personnel was marginalized as a relatively unimportant issue.

What the Plutocracy revealed in that case is that the American people could be persuaded — through government disinformation and a subservient media (and their own stupidity) — that the massacre was "justifiable." How many Americans can be heard parroting the official government line when asked about Waco? The Branch Davidians were "religious nuts," or "whackos," we are told, and hence deserved their fate — to be tortured, gassed, shot, and burned to death — women, children, pets and all.[1275]

What is painfully clear by these examples is that Ted Shackley's "Third Option," originally a model for counterinsurgency against the third-world, is now being put to the test in the U.S. — a program of counterinsurgency against the American people.

While the U.S. escalates in its use of repressive laws, imprisonment, torture, and murder, the main tool has always been propaganda, in the form of the corporate-controlled press.[1276] As Shackley writes:

There are cases in which a cause supported, a newspaper campaign initiated, or a particular candidate encouraged in an election could mean (and in the past has meant) that the crisis in which our vital interests might be at stake never arises.[1277]

Adolph Hitler expressed similar sentiments in Mein Kampf: "The task of propaganda lies… in directing the masses towards certain facts, events, necessities, etc., the purpose being to move their importance into the masses' field of vision.…"[1278]*

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino — a U.S. Army mind-control expert — certainly has no aversion to practicing the techniques utilized by the Nazis. The self-avowed Satanist (and reported head of the CIA's Operation MONARCH, which utilizes children for mind-control), once performed a Satanic ritual in the Hall of the Dead at Germany's Westphalian castle. The site was an occult sanctuary for Henrich Himmler's SS elite.[1279] As the San Francisco Examiner reported:

[A]quino once urged the Pentagon, in a controversial psychological warfare study entitled "Mind War," to overwhelm enemies by mobilizing every means of domestic and foreign propaganda, including brainwashing the U.S. public.[1280]

Such techniques were certainly employed in Oklahoma, where a massive propaganda campaign accusing Timothy McVeigh of the bombing and linking him to the Militia Movement led to the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Bill.

The Anti-Terrorism Bill, and the Crime Bills introduced concurrently, permit an increasingly oppressive Federal Government to maintain an unprecedented level of control over the American people.

Ensconced in the Anti-Terrorism Bill's cryptic language are provisions which would allow the President and the Justice Department to define which groups are subject to the increasingly broad definition of "terrorist." It would allow expanded use of wiretaps and allow illegally-seized evidence to be used in court. It would permit federal and local police agencies to trace financial information without obtaining evidence of a crime. It would allow expanded use of current laws prohibiting fund-raising for terrorist organizations, denial of visas, increased cooperation with other governments on money laundering and asset seizures. It would permit "no-knock" searches in certain cases. And it would allow the military to intervene in certain domestic situations deemed a national security threat.

In short, it guts the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution, lays the framework for an entrenched police state, and gives the Federal Government full power to target anybody who is deemed a threat to its authority.

With the bombing accompanied by 100 times more footage about dead children than the media mustered for Waco, it wasn't hard to convince a gullible public about the "threats" posed by militias. While the final version rammed through Congress was watered down somewhat, it was just the beginning of a wave of "anti-militia" legislation introduced in the wake of the bombing.

No doubt, future engineered "acts of terrorism" will serve to reinstate the deleted provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Bill.

On November 2, Representative Charles Schumer (D-NY) introduced H.R. 2580, his attempt to "cleanse the illness of violent extremism" from America's political culture by outlawing militias.[1281]

H.R. 2580 followed on the heels of its sister bill, H.R. 1544, the "Domestic Insurgency Act," introduced by Representative Nadler. The Domestic Insurgency Act purports to prevent two or more individuals from engaging in any paramilitary group who possess "any weapons capable of causing death or injury with the intention to unlawfully oppose the authority of the United States." Such a paramilitary group could conceivably include a pair of senior citizens with Swiss Army knives at a church picnic discussing their unhappiness with the Social Security Administration.

In this sense, the Omnibus Anti-Terrorism Bill can be seen as little more than an "Enabling Law," similar to Hitler's repressive legislation that allowed the German government to override their own constitutional protections.

Not surprisingly, it was Shackley who first recommended the concept of an Anti-Terrorism Bill:

Guide governments in the preparation of anti terrorist laws. When the cadre phase begins to unfold, many countries find they do not have laws on the books to deal with the threat…. it is better to be able to arrest and convict subversives on the basis of a law then on an executive order. If such laws cannot be passed expeditiously, the party in power should mount an education campaign to rally public opinion on behalf of their enactment.[1282]

Since Shackley was the first to come up with the concept of an Anti-Terrorism Bill, and since he was also one of the first to run a major CIA-sanctioned drug-running operation, one could effectively argue that the controls offered by the Anti-Terrorism Bill will go a long way towards assisting these bands of covert operators and international criminals in their illegal enterprises.

The General Services Administration, for example, noted that the Digital Telephony Bill would "make it easier for criminals, terrorists, foreign intelligence and computer hackers to electronically penetrate the public network and pry into areas previously not open to snooping." One only need look at the activities of Casey, Shackley, Armitage, and North, et al., and the blanket of "national security" they operated under, to realize the staggering implications of this.

President Reagan's Executive Order 12333 also assisted in this development by permitting the "privatizing" of intelligence gathering. Not surprisingly, Shackley, Casey, and Bush attended the December 5, 1980 meeting to draft E.O. 12333, which states:

Agencies within the Intelligence Community are authorized to enter into contracts or arrangements for the provision of goods or services with private companies or institutions in the United States and need not reveal the sponsorship of such contracts or arrangements for authorized intelligence purposes.…

Not that the government needed a new law to conduct its criminal activities — it simply codified what had already been established. By privatizing covert operations, the government gets to maintain "plausible deniability."

Front-companies such as EATSCO, Stanford Technologies, Intercontential Industries, E-Systems, Southern Air Transport, and a bewildering array of others, allow the Octopus to make large amounts of money while providing the Plutocracy with an "off the shelf" capability to conduct covert operations, while at the same time, skirting Congressional oversight. As former CIA agent Victor Marchetti writes:

With the cooperation of an acquiescent, ill-informed Congress, and the encouragement and assistance of a series of Presidents, the cult has built a wall of laws and executive orders around the CIA and itself, a wall that has blocked effective public scrutiny.[1283]

One example is the security firm Wackenhut, which built dossiers on Americans suspected of being Communists or Left-leaning "subversives," including anti-war protesters and civil-rights demonstrators. As Frank Donner writes in The Age of Surveillance:

By 1965, Wackenhut was boasting to potential investors that the company maintained files on 2.5 million suspected dissidents — one in 46 American adults then living. in 1966… Wackenhut could confidently maintain that with more than 4 million names, it had the largest privately held file on suspected dissidents in America.[1284]

William Corbett, an 18-year CIA veteran told John Connolly writing in the September, 1992 issue of Spy, "For years Wackenhut has been involved with the CIA and other intelligence organizations, including the DEA. Wackenhut would allow the CIA to occupy positions within the company [in order to carry out] clandestine operations." Other former agents and operatives confirmed Corbett's statement. "When they [the CIA] need cover, Wackenhut is there to provide it for them," said former CIA contract employee Richard Babayan. Phillip Agee, a former CIA agent who wrote his exposé, Inside the Company in 1975, told Spy, "I don't have the slightest doubt that the CIA and Wackenhut overlap."

The private "security" agency's board of directors reads like a Who's Who of the intelligence community. Former FBI Director Clarence Kelly, former CIA Director William Rabor, and former Deputy CIA Directors Frank Carlucci and Bobby Ray Inman (of E-Systems, another quasi-civilian covert contractor), are all featured prominently on the company's membership roster. Also taking a special place on the Wackenhut board was one William Casey, the former CIA Director who had a proclivity for extralegal covert operations such as Iran-Contra.

Like E-Systems and Continental Shelf, Wackenhut was deeply enmeshed in covert technological procurement and murder-for-hire, including the 1982 assassination of Cabazon tribal leader Fred Alvaraz and his two companions. Alvaraz had made the mistake of criticizing Wackenhut operations, begun in 1979 by a spook named John Philip Nichols.[1285]

The goals of these "Secret Teams" naturally overlap with the agendas of the corporate-financial elite. "[Roy] Godson estimates that international crime groups outperform most Fortune 500 companies. They deliver drugs, illegal aliens, and laundered money, and provide services like violence and extortion — all with organizations that resemble General Motors more than they resemble the traditional Sicilian Mafia." Godson should know. As a member of the National Strategy Information Center, founded by former CIA Director William Casey, Godson helped Oliver North raise funds for the drug-running Contras.[1286]

Another example of the symbiotic relationship between the private sector and the covert community is Peregrine International in Dallas, Texas. Founded by Guy S. Howard and Ronald R. Tucker, Peregrine was most recently run by George Petrie, a veteran the Army's secret Delta-Force. Petrie told the Dallas Morning News that his company "consults" with foreign governments on terrorism. Petrie displays pictures of him with George Bush and other prominent politicians.[1287]

As reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Peregrine conducted covert ops with Defense Department approval from 1981 until 1984, when the company folded (although Texas Secretary of State records indicate the company was still active as of 1996). As the Inquirer wrote:

The company hired both retired and active duty military personnel on leave to act as "guns" — guys who had no qualms about blowing people away. Their assassination targets include planning to kill drug smugglers in Peru, Honduras, Belize, and Caribbean nations; armed and train Contras, and arm and train official military commando units in El Salvador, Honduras and Peru.[1288]

Was Peregrine's plan to kill drug smugglers part of a program to clean up the drug trade? Or was it an extension of Shackley's program to eliminate the CIA's heroin competition, as it had in Laos?

Perhaps that is what Timothy McVeigh's letter (about being recruited for a Covert Tactical Unit) meant about "eliminating the competition."

Navy SEAL Team commander Robert Hunt, who used to teach assassination teams for the CIA, described the activities of ANV, which served as an umbrella for Peregrine. As Rodney Stich writes in Defrauding America:

Shareholders in the company were present and former CIA personnel, reportedly involved in some aspect of CIA-related drug trafficking. They included, for instance, Theodore Shackley, who was heavily involved in the CIA Far East drug trafficking and then in the drug trafficking from Central and South America…. Hunt stated there were numerous ties between the groups and the Richard Secord-Theodore Shackley-and Thomas Clines Associates, all of whom were reportedly associated with the opium trade and assassination program in Laos.

ANV is the "action arm" of Continental Shelf Associates (formerly Perry Submarines/Perry Off-Shore) of Jupiter, Florida. A former CIA proprietary, it was operated by Robert "Stretch" Stevens, who had served as Shackley's Maritime Operations Chief from the Bay of Pigs to South East Asia (Shackley sits on the board of CSA). In this regard, the activities of organizations like ANV and Peregrine are no different than those of groups like the CIA's old ZR/RIFLE, set up to assassinate Fidel Castro and Che Guevera.

ANV (also known as the "Fish Farm") specializes in training foreign nationals for commando-type mercenary operations and assassinations — rented to various groups and governments around the world. On the board of ANV is Bill Hamilton, former Director of Navy special operations who attempted to establish the "Phoenix Battalion," a privately-funded, covert group that would launch "preemptive strikes" against organizations it defined as "terrorist."[1289]

Could Hussain al-Hussaini and his associates have been some of the foreign nationals trained by ANV?

According to Wheaton, this same group of covert operators controls a secret base on Andros Island in the Bahamas operated by the super-secret NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), the USMC, and the Navy. Named AUTEC, it is an underground/underwater computerized facility for tracking both friendly and enemy ships and subs. Wheaton claims that an "illegal secret operation buried within the complex is a covert intelligence project, database and operation directed against the civilian population of the United States.…"[1290]

Wheaton claims the facility "is central control for Ted Shackley's 'Third Option' and the project to create domestic unrest, chaos, and the illusion of a domestic terrorist threat within America."[1291]

While operations from super-secret high-tech bases may sound like the stuff of Ian Flemming novels, Shackley allegedly directed the overthrow of Australia's Prime Minister Gough Whitlam — the first Labor Prime Minister in over two decades — from the super-secret Pine Gap facility run by the CIA. As the Sheehan Affidavit states:

On November 2, 1975, Whitlam publicly accused the CIA of subsidizing his opposition, and named National Country Party chief Doug Anthony as a collaborator. The Next day, the Australian Financial Review reported that the super-secret U.S.-Australian "space study station" in Australia, known as Pine Gap, was actually a CIA electronic intelligence facility. The article also identified Richard Stallings, former director of Pine Gap and friend of Anthony, as a CIA agent. Pine Gap's true function shocked not only the Australian public, but also top government officials, including the Prime Minister.…[1292]

The corollary between the situation in the U.S. and that in Australia may be significant, since that country is now undergoing wholesale gun confiscation of its citizenry under "Operation Cabin Thrust" — the first step to total control of its population.

In the Philippines, "anti-terrorism" legislation has already been passed, further restricting peoples' rights. In England, laws mandating wholesale handgun confiscation have recently been implemented.

Primarily targeted is America, "land of the free," as new restrictions on privacy, free speech, and self-defense are invoked in the wake of the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings.

Zbigniew Brezinsky, Executive Director of the Trilateral Commission and National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter [and four other presidents], explained it best: "The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values."

The reader has already been given a glimpse of this "elite" and their so-called "values." Dominating society will be a Plutocracy controlling everything from politics and media, education, commerce and industry, even private property. Such plans calls for more governmental programs, more governmental controls, and more and more government-imposed order.

Carol J. Quigley, former Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University and Bill Clinton's mentor, grasped the Orwellian implications of this over 30 years ago. As Quigley observes in Tragedy and Hope: "[The individual's] freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives by the fact that he will be numbered from birth and followed, as a number, through his educational training, his required military or other public service, his tax contributions, his health and medical requirements, and his final retirement and death benefits."

Utilizing their minions in the media and the alphabet soup of federal agencies — the FBI, ATF, DEA, CIA, NSA, IRS, INS, FDA, BLM, FINCEN, and FEMA — the elite seek total control over our family, our health, our finances, our education, our thoughts, and ultimately, our very lives. What is sought is nothing less than a global plantation run by the transnational corporate elite — a modern day form of world-wide fascism.

To accomplish their nefarious ends, covert intelligence operations, highly sophisticated propaganda efforts, and a reorganization of the law-enforcement community is being combined with subtle and invasive legislative changes, all largely unnoticed by public eyes.[1293]