Federal Grand Juries

  1. Federal Grand Jury - Bank of Nova Scotia v. US — Read the US Supreme Court's decision that protects grand-jury indictments in instances of prosecutor misconduct. From FindLaw.
  2. Federal Grand Jury - Butterworth v. Smith — US Supreme Court 1990 decision examines First Amendment rights regarding disclosure of grand jury testimony. By FindLaw.
  3. Federal Grand Jury - Costello v. US — US Supreme Court decision interprets standards for permissibility of hearsay in grand-jury proceedings. Read the text as presented by FindLaw.
  4. Federal Grand Jury - Court TV — Features the text of Kenneth Starr's April 1997 motion to extend the grand jury in the investigation of President Clinton.
  5. Federal Grand Jury - Fisher v. US — US Supreme Court opinion holds that the Fifth Amendment's self-incrimination protections do not apply to the contents of subpoenaed documents.
  6. Federal Grand Jury - Forepersons' Handbook — Procedural guide is presented by US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.
  7. Federal Grand Jury - Guide to Law and Practice — Purchase a copy of Susan Brenner and Gregory Lockhart's essential practice guide. From West Group legal publishers.
  8. Federal Grand Jury - Handbook for Jurors — Features an overview of jury selection, procedure, secrecy, and protection of jurors. By US District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania.
  9. Federal Grand Jury - How the Grand Jury Process Works — Washington Post article by Toni Locy examines the function of federal grand juries, with an emphasis on Kenneth Starr's Clinton investigation.
  10. Federal Grand Jury - Inner Workings of the Grand Jury — ABC News article by A. Adam Glenn looks inside the grand jury convened to investigate President Clinton. With an overview of the jury process.
  11. Federal Grand Jury - Media Ethics in Grand Jury Leaks — Real News Page, by Jane Wardlow Prettyman, features the transcript of a February 1998 panel discussion in light of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.
  12. Federal Grand Jury - Statutes — Title 18 of the United States Code sets forth the guidelines for convening a grand jury. By Legal Information Institute.
  13. Federal Grand Jury - United States Senate — Features the text of Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, setting forth the guidelines of grand jury secrecy.
  14. Federal Grand Jury - University of Dayton — Susan Brenner and Greg Lockhart, authors of "Federal Grand Jury Practice," offer an introductory resource aimed at the lay person. With a FAQ.
  15. Federal Grand Jury - US v. Calandra — FindLaw presents the US Supreme Court's 1974 opinion allowing the presentation of illegally obtained evidence in grand jury hearings.
  16. Federal Grand Jury - US v. Dionisio — Discusses Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights as they apply to testimony before the grand jury. FindLaw presents the US Supreme Court decision.
  17. Federal Grand Jury - US v. Mandujano — Examines the invalidity of so-called Miranda rights as applied to grand-jury testimony. US Supreme Court decision is presented by FindLaw.
  18. Federal Grand Jury - US v. Mara — US Supreme Court decision looks at grand-jury testimony from a search-and-seizure perspective. FindLaw offers text of the opinion.
  19. Federal Grand Jury - US v. R. Enterprises — US Supreme Court 1991 decision addresses the validity of, and burden of proof for, grand-jury subpoenas. By FindLaw.
  20. Federal Grand Jury - US v. Sells Engineering — Decision by the US Supreme Court regards the disclosure of federal grand-jury information, particularly for use in civil litigation. By FindLaw.
  21. Federal Grand Jury - US v. Williams — Peruse the 1992 US Supreme Court decision discussing the separation between the judiciary and the grand jury. By FindLaw.