Grand Jury Advice and Guides

  1. Grand Jury - American Bar Association — Answers to frequently asked questions provide an introduction to, and overview of, the grand jury system.
  2. Grand Jury - Equal Protection and Due Process — Article by Richard Alexander and Sheldon Portman of the Alexander Law Firm discusses the history of, and challenges to, the grand jury system.
  3. Grand Jury - Fully Informed Grand Jurors Alliance — Independent organization seeks to enhance the effectiveness of grand juries through public awareness and education about jury functions.
  4. Grand Jury - How Does It Work? — Law Street article presents a concise overview of the grand jury process. Includes discussion of the Whitewater and runaway grand juries.
  5. Grand Jury - Indictment by Grand Jury — Attorney William F. Nimmo offers this concise introductory profile of the grand jury process.
  6. Grand Jury - Its History, Its Secrecy, and Its Process — Mark Kadish's essay discusses the evolution of the grand jury in light of adherence to due-process rights. From the Florida State Law Review.
  7. Grand Jury - Legal Definition of Presentment — Lectric Law Library examines two forms of grand jury findings, a presentment and an inquisition, based upon the scope of an investigation.
  8. Grand Jury - What It Is, What It Does — Article by Andrea F. McKenna profiles the duties of state grand juries. Presented by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office.
  9. Grand Jury - Witness Checklist — Law firm of Finer & Pugsley offers a manual for preparing and defending witnesses involved in grand-jury testimony.