Civil Defense

Civil defense, as it is discussed in this subsite, is concerned with the things civilians can do to prevent massive threats to the public safety, and to reduce injury, loss of life, and property damage from such threats when they occur. At one time such efforts were organized and led by government, but in more recent times such leadership has waned, leaving it to the public to provide the initiative to organize, train, and prepare. The following links are to documents and sites that can assist them in doing so.

Some comment is needed, however, on why government has turned from civil defense to the dependence on agencies. Organizing the public is essentially activating and organizing the militia, which is the entire population, except for those physically or mentally unable to be effective, or persons whose official duties supersede their militia duties to defend the community. Those in power have come to see the public, when organized in this way, as a threat to themselves, because the people when organized as a militia tend to be critical of official corruption, abuse, and usurpation of power. We cannot allow this reluctance to deprive us of our rights and duty to protect ourselves.

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