The following are sources of products and services that may be of use to reformers, investigators, and whistleblowers. These are not advertisements, although the links may be to commercial sites, and we assume no responsibility for the products or services offered.

  1. Libraries Online Links to online library catalogs and collections.
  2. Communications and Surveillance Companies and groups related to communciations and surveillance systems, especially the portable and concealable kind.
  3. Survival Methods Supplies, equipment and instructions for survival.
  4. Bookstores and Publishers Those offering patriotic or hard-to-find materials.
  5. Security and Privacy Things useful to secure both.
  6. Search Tools Find people and organizations and information about them.
  7. Geography and Weather Maps and forecasts.
  8. Astronomy and Calendars All about the heavens, holidays, and clocks.
  9. Internet, Database, and Software Tools This includes software, utilities, and useful services.
  10. Learning Management Systems, Web Based Training (eLearning) Gateway to products and sources.
  11. Travel Reservations Save money by reserving online.
  12. Computer Products Save by shopping online.
  13. Legal Referral & Contact Services Find a lawyer or a client.
  14. Personal Development Ways to improve your performance.
  15. Freedom Arts Works of art that promote freedom and the rule of law.
  16. Youth Education Resources for educating youngsters.
  17. Fonet: A new phonetic alphabet for English Essential for spelling reform.
  18. Flight Systems Get there faster and more safely.
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